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Cloud Range to Provide Cyber Simulation Training for Booz Allen Hamilton Employees

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Cloud Range announced today that it has been selected to participate in Booz Allen Hamilton’s FlexEd program, an enhanced, continuing education benefit for the firm’s 27,000+ employees.

“We have established a tremendous partnership with the Booz Allen team,” said Cloud Range Founder & CEO, Debbie Gordon. “Using our secure and customizable cyber range platform, Cloud Range will deliver virtual simulation training exercises, allowing Booz Allen employees to use their education benefits to further hone their cybersecurity skills.”

Cloud Range, founded in 2018 by Debbie Gordon, helps close the cyber skills gap by enabling companies to accelerate the effectiveness and experience levels of their security teams by using a comprehensive hyper-realistic simulation cyber training program.

Booz Allen Hamilton chose the innovative, award-winning Cloud Range solution to further enhance its employees’ analytical, cyber, digital, and engineering skills and to prepare and defend against forthcoming cybersecurity attacks.

“The Cloud Range training will allow our employees to be even more prepared for cyberattack incidents in a hyper-realistic simulated environment. We are excited to incorporate additional hands-on training to our robust cyber training curriculum, in which employees are encouraged to apply their knowledge and skills into practice,” said Robert Kang, Cybersecurity Learning and Development Lead at Booz Allen Hamilton. “Recent cybersecurity incidents, such as ransomware and supply chain attacks, on our nation’s critical infrastructure have further heightened the need for our employees to be continuously upskilled in detection and response against more advanced threats.”

Cloud Range is the world’s only simulation experience that uses real-time scenarios to prepare for cyber security attacks.

To learn more about Cloud Range and how it provides cybersecurity professionals the opportunity to practice detection, investigation and response in a protected environment, please email:, request an online demo, or call (615) 249-8570.

About Cloud Range

Cloud Range is a pioneer in cybersecurity simulation training, providing the first full-service Cyber Attack Simulation Training Platform as a Service (CASTaaS) in the world. Used globally by enterprise SOC and incident response teams, managed security service providers (MSSPs), governments, and higher education institutions, Cloud Range enables cybersecurity professionals to accelerate their cyber defense skills and abilities using Cloud Range’s proprietary simulation content and assessment platform. The Cloud Range training platform can be utilized on premise at a customer’s site or virtually, led by Cloud Range’s professional instructors. The platform can emulate each customer’s specific network environment, using fully licensed cybersecurity technologies that ensure a real, yet safe simulation experience. Customers can train security teams, assess candidates, onboard new hires, and improve cybersecurity team skills. Cloud Range training enables security professionals the ability to “Prepare from Anywhere”™, while staying ahead of the ever-changing threat landscape.