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ClinOne CEO Promises to Radically Rethink How Clinical Trial Patient Caregivers Interact With Trials, and Plans to Compensate Them All

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As a part of ClinOne and our CEO’s personal mission, ClinOne will start compensating/reimbursing caregivers of clinical trial participants for their very significant contribution to research, and the incredible amount of support they commit in supporting patients through clinical trials.

“In a personal story, when my dad was diagnosed with ALS my mother took on the responsibility of his care, a complex blend of managing a mortal diagnosis, multiple clinical trial options and a disease that increased in mobility challenges daily. Essentially, my mother managed 95 percent of the clinical trial details: visits, transportation, compliance, daily dosing and diaries for two years until my dad lost his battle with the disease. There was never a stipend, reimbursement, nor much thought given to how extremely challenging this was for them both, across multiple fronts,” stated Rob Bohacs, ClinOne CEO. “We understand that this is potentially the case for many caregivers during many patients’ clinical trial experience.”

In 2020, ClinOne will introduce a comprehensive caregiver and patient reimbursement program through its ClinTrialConnect technology. The technology already supports the patient’s and caregiver’s journey; and with this addition the system will begin to reimburse caregivers for their clinical trial supporting activities and help simplify the process to reduce the significant burden placed on caregivers.

ClinOne’s Patient and Caregiver Payments will issue immediate payments to caregivers for daily, weekly and monthly activities that support a patient’s clinical trial journey. The technology will reach a large number of countries across the globe, and allow payments being received through mobile apps, direct payments and prepaid payment cards. The goal will be to make at least this part of their clinical trial as easy as possible, so that the caregivers will benefit, and this will potentially provide some monetary relief on at least one of the many trial fronts they experience.

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