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Clinical Trial Reporting Helps a Pharma Company to Improve Medical Device Performance | Quantzig

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As a part of its new healthcare provider analytics article series, Quantzig, a premier analytics services provider, today announced the completion of its recent case study– ‘Data Registry Development Helps a Medical Devices Manufacturer Improve Performance and Benchmarking Using Real World and Clinical Data’

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healthcare provider analytics solutions (Graphic: Business Wire)

healthcare provider analytics solutions (Graphic: Business Wire)

The case study also offers comprehensive insights on:

  1. The benefits of clinical trial reporting
  2. Why pharma companies should leverage clinical data reporting to improve their products and services

Quantzig’s analytics experts help pharmaceutical companies to optimize strategic clinical processes by combining data, analytics and technology. Get in touch with them to know more.

Typically, the global medical devices industry includes medical devices that are utilized in orthopedics, cardiovascular, wound care, neurology, endoscopy, minimally invasive, anesthesia, respiratory, audiology, ophthalmology, aesthetics, urology and gynecology, and other durable medical equipment such as hospital supplies, and so on. Globally, the medical devices industry is moving away from an input-based approach to a value-and outcome-based approach.

At Quantzig, we analyze the current business scenario using real-time dashboards to help global enterprises operate more efficiently. Our ability to help performance-driven organizations realize their strategic and operational goals within a short span using data-driven insights has helped us gain a leading edge in the analytics industry. To help businesses ensure business continuity amid the crisis, we’ve curated a portfolio of advanced healthcare provider analytics solutions that not just focus on improving profitability but help enhance stakeholder value, boost customer satisfaction, and help achieve financial objectives.

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Clinical trial reporting done by using data analytics tools can help pharma companies to understand the epidemiology landscape and develop an effective enrollment forecast,” says a analytics expert at Quantzig.

Quantzig’s clinical trial data analysis engagement helped the client to:

  • Reduce the risk of surgeries
  • Improve efficiency of medical devices

The pressure to reduce healthcare expenditure, intensifying competition, and consolidation of health systems and hospitals in the past few years have resulted in unprecedented changes in the way medical devices companies do business. The transformation of the medical devices industry is driven by an aging population, increasing emphasis on quality of care and treatment, the proliferation of chronic diseases, stringent regulatory landscape focusing on cost-containment and patient safety, empowered and informed customers, and evolving technologies. Our clinical trial reporting solutions help companies to analyze performance with access to critical trial data in real-time. Request a free proposal to gain in-depth insights into our portfolio of analytics solutions.

Quantzig’s Healthcare Analytics Capabilities Include:

  1. Clinical trial reporting and analytics
  2. Pharmacovigilance analytics
  3. Drug pricing and promotion analytics
  4. Patient analytics

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