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CLIC Technology, Inc. to Accept User Registrations for ClicPay Online Payment Gateway

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Technology, Inc.
Pink: CLCI
) (“the Company”) is now accepting user registrations for
its ClicPay
online payment gateway
, a revolutionary cryptocurrency platform for
merchants that will accept blockchain payments and convert them into
local cash securely, all within 24 hours. The Company has initiated a
waitlist which all interested users can sign up for at,
allowing for immediate access to the product upon approval.

The ClicPay Merchant Gateway offers a quick setup with simple
integration that gives business owners the capability to begin accepting
cryptocurrency payments instantly. The new system is designed to work
seamlessly with the most popular e-commerce platforms in industry today,
including Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento.

It’s an ideal time for local merchants and retailers to integrate
cryptocurrency into their business models, as experts
now predict
 the market cap could hit $1 trillion during the next
bull run. Consumers have begun to show a preference for crypto as well,
with popular
review websites such as Yelp
 now offering visitors the option to
sort by businesses that accept digital currency.

“Cryptocurrency is really starting to gain steam with the general
public, with more and more people beginning to use it not just to
invest, but as everyday fiat,” said Clic Technology CEO Roman Bond. “The
question now for merchants isn’t ‘Should I do this?’ but rather, ‘How do
I do this, and How do I do it right?’ ClicPay will make accepting
cryptocurrency simple.”

Clic Technology recently initiated
the integration testing phase
 for their new crypto-payment
platform, ClicPay, and expects that successful results should allow for
a product release as early as this year. In addition, the Company has
begun the testing of their CLIC
Wallet platform
, which, when completed, will make the processing and
replenishing of cryptocurrency as quick and easy as swiping a debit or
credit card.

About CLIC Technology, Inc.:

The Company, a “Financial Technology” company, is the developer and
marketer of new, cutting-edge blockchain products and services. It has
created a revolutionary “crypto-payment gateway system” that allows
consumers to use cryptocurrency to make routine purchases online and
that enables merchants to accept crypto payments and receive immediate
settlements in traditional fiat currencies. Market introduction of the
new crypto-payment gateway system and related services is planned to
occur in a phased rollout in the United States and other major markets
in the coming months.

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