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Clearwater Establishes Innovation Center to Transform Technology Offering

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Since its founding in 2004, Clearwater Analytics has made innovative
technology fundamental to its offering with a cloud-native, multi-tenant
solution that improves the accuracy and efficiency of investment
portfolio data management, accounting, reconciliation, and reporting.

Clearwater is investing further in that commitment with the formation of
a new Innovation Center. Led by former head of Product Management Justin
Reed, the Innovation Center will research, test, and incorporate
emerging technologies into the Clearwater product. The Innovation Center
is aggressively pursuing machine learning, AI, robotic process
automation, blockchain, serverless cloud, and other technologies.

“This is the next evolution of Clearwater’s innovative culture and
ethos,” said Justin Reed, Head of Innovation at Clearwater. “The
Innovation Center will solve big challenges with transformative
technology and techniques.”

With an annual 26% re-investment of revenue into research and
development, Clearwater makes the continuous advancement of its
single-instance web-based solution a central priority. Enhancements are
seamlessly deployed each month, with no disruption to users. The
Innovation Center complements this continuous development work by
focusing on advanced solutions resulting in exponential, rather than
incremental, improvements for clients. The Innovation Center will triple
in size by year-end, incorporating additional expertise in machine
learning, software engineering, cloud, and data science.

“The new Innovation Center represents a significant investment in the
development of the Clearwater product to offer leading-edge technology
to our clients,” said Clearwater CEO Sandeep Sahai. “We look forward to
the new ideas and creative problem solving that will come from this

About Clearwater Analytics

Clearwater Analytics® is a global SaaS solution for automated investment
data aggregation, reconciliation, accounting, and reporting. Clearwater
helps thousands of organizations make the most of their investment
portfolio data with a world-class product and client-centric servicing.
Clearwater also offers a full complement of middle- and back-office
solutions like trade confirm/affirm, client billing, composite
management, client statements, and more. Since its founding in 2004,
Clearwater has provided a cloud-native solution that helps investors
make the most of their data. Every day, investment professionals in more
than 25 countries trust Clearwater to deliver timely, validated
investment data and in-depth reporting.

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