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Cirque du Soleil Outperforms All the Rest to Capture 1st Place in Largest Corporate Reputation Survey Ever Conducted in Canada

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Entertainment company Cirque du Soleil outperformed all other Canadian
companies to earn the number one ranking in the fifth annual 2019 Canada
RepTrak® 50, the largest corporate reputation study ever conducted in
Canada, Reputation Institute announced today. Mountain Equipment Co-op
(MEC), which ranked number one for two consecutive years, fell to the
number two spot. Cascades and Canadian Tire are the only two companies
that maintained a rank in the top 10. Jamieson’s six point increase
translates into an eight point rank jump, moving from 11th to
3rd most-reputable Canadian company in 2019.

“Cirque du Soleil built its reputational safety net by delivering an
outstanding performance across all of the key business areas of
reputation,” said Stephen Hahn-Griffiths, chief reputation officer at
Reputation Institute. “The company stands alone as being excellent when
it comes to mastering the reputation balancing act.”

The study by Reputation Institute, a technology-enabled, data-driven
insights company and provider of reputation measurement and management
services, was conducted last January and February. It measured the
reputation of more than 400 of the largest and most visible companies in
Canada and captured nearly 41,000 individual ratings. Once measurement
filters were applied, 209 companies were eligible for inclusion within
the 2019 Canada RepTrak® 50.

The top 10 Canadian companies in the 2019 Canada RepTrak® 50 are:

  1. Cirque du Soleil
  2. Mountain Equipment Co-op
  3. Jamieson Vitamins (TSX: JWEL)
  4. Cascades (OTCMKTS: CADNF)
  5. Home Hardware
  6. Interac
  7. Canadian Automobile Association (CAA)
  8. IMAX Corporation (NYSE: IMAX)
  9. Canadian Tire (OTCMKTS: CDNAF)
  10. Metro Inc. (OTCMKTS: MTRAF)

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Major strategic business factors underscored the significant increase in
reputation for Canadian companies vs. non-Canadian companies that
operate in the country. These factors included the practice of good
governance, the workplace, being perceived as a good corporate citizen,
and elevation of leadership as being vital to the overall reputation
increase of Canadian companies. The highest improvement came in the area
of innovation.

“In 2019, innovation has emerged as a significant reputational
differentiator for Canadian companies,” said Hahn-Griffiths. “They are
on the verge of unleashing their enhanced innovative capabilities and
breaking into the top 20 Bloomberg Innovation Index for the first time
since 2015. By continuing to push the innovation envelope, Canadian
companies are raising their game and becoming more competitive with
foreign companies.”

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