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Chinese Auto Brand New BAOJUN Starts Using the World’s First Public Test Road 5G Base-station Cluster 5G Energizing Cars: the World’s First Four-in-One Public Test Road Officially Put Into Use

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On July 12, 2019, a summit forum themed “Connect New Journeys—Car + 5G, Smart Interconnection” is formally held in China’s Guangxi Province, during which the world’s first public test road integrating the 4 cutting-edge technologies of 5G, V2X, unmanned drive, and remote control (also called the ‘four-in-one’ public test road) is officially put into use. The Chinese auto brand New BAOJUN will pioneer the use of the first domestic 5G base-station cluster set on the pubic test road to carry out its product testing.

The world’s first four-in-one public test road is jointly built by SGMW, Huawei, China Mobile, UISEE, and the Guangxi government. So far, this road has opened nine 5G base-station clusters that China first set on the public test road, and it will cooperate with the New BAOJUN in the application of 5G, V2X, and other smart networking technologies in real scenarios.

This grand gathering focusing on the topic of “Car +5G” reflects the thinking and exploration of China’s automobile industry on future technological development. With the rapid growth of cutting-edge technologies such as 5G and the Internet of Things, the integrated application of 5G and cars will become the forefront of China’s automobile development and will usher in revolutionary changes in the automobile industry.