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Childhood Cancer Society & Adventure Ted Announce #AdventureTedChallenge2020

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The Childhood Cancer Society, partnering with Adventure Ted, from Adventure Ted: Night At The Enchanted Theme Park, invites families to join their #AdventureTedChallenge2020. Centered around the book’s hero, Adventure Ted is a brand of positivity created to help people overcome challenges. In the spirit of this philosophy, the Childhood Cancer Society announces, children can add a little adventure to their day, seamlessly raise funds to provide children with cancer PPE items, while also competing for the prospect of winning $1,000s in prizes through June 6, 2020.

Thomas M. Head, Founder and CEO of the Childhood Cancer Society states “during these difficult times, the world is facing a number of challenges including parents and children sheltering in place with a cabin fever that will continue to stretch for an unknown period of time.” Head adds, “getting families involved in the daily activities included in The Challenge will not only help them maintain a positive mindset but will also help keep them safe while protecting those most vulnerable in their community.”

Challenge Details:

  • Enter and participate via Facebook (

    • All children in K-5 are welcome to participate in the challenge and become Adventurers.
    • A parent/guardian acts as Team Leader and posts the Entry Post to their wall as well as all subsequent challenge posts.
    • To Join: make a post on the Team Leader’s wall of the Team Adventurer holding Adventure Ted: Night At The Enchanted Theme Park book and include the following: The first name and grade of the Adventurer and a statement of intent to participate in the #AdventureTedChallenge2020.
  • Complete Daily Adventures

    • For each post, state the daily challenge from The Adventure Card, include photo and/or video proof (extra 2-point bonus if Team Leader posts both).
    • Tag BOTH @AdventureTed.Official and @ChildhoodCancerSociety, use hashtag #AdventureTedChallenge2020 in order to ensure points are being tracked.
    • Only one post per activity per day (unless otherwise stated).
    • Complete every task on The Adventure Card by the end of the week for a SPECIAL BONUS.
  • Leadership Board

    • At the end of each week (Saturday at midnight EST), points are tallied, and rankings will be released on Sunday afternoon.

Each team must have a copy of Adventure Ted: Night At The Enchanted Theme Park, which can be purchased at However, the first 2,020 participates to sign up will receive a free copy of the book to begin the Challenge. To receive a free copy, parents and/or guardians will need to follow the Childhood Cancer Society and Adventure Ted Facebook groups, message their email address, home address, as well their statement of intent to join the #AdventureTedChallenge2020.

“Partaking in this contest, will show kids how they can overcome challenges through imagination and of course adventure, while also raising funds for some of their peers who are most at risk during this time.”

For more information visit or our Facebook Page.

See the adventure in all that you do.