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Checkit Announces Technology Boost for Intelligent Operations on the Frontline

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Checkit ( has announced a suite of new additions to its intelligent operations platform, enabling large organisations to further improve productivity, agility and collaboration across frontline teams.

The platform, which prompts, guides and tracks essential frontline activities in international industries such as food retail, franchise, facilities management and healthcare, is being upgraded with three new capabilities.

Checkit is introducing smart remediation by delivering Event-Driven Actions directly to mobile users in real time. This will enable frontline teams to take fast corrective action in response to real-world events across sensing networks and smart buildings.

A new Job Sharing feature will improve frontline collaboration by empowering colleagues to share work, operate in parallel and record their progress in real time.

Additionally, the new Shared Workflow Libraries feature means organisations will be able to build, share and easily update workflow templates for multiple sites, helping to ensure consistent best practice, quality, compliance and safety, and ultimately supporting better customer experiences. This will allow distributed franchised operations such as quick-service restaurants and convenience stores, for example, to ensure brand standards and guidelines are met across all locations.

Kit Kyte, Chief Executive Officer at Checkit, said: “The launch of these new capabilities is a major step forward in our mission to transform the experience of essential frontline work, making it easier for businesses to measure and adapt remote activity. We want to see the historical use of spreadsheets and pen-and-paper swept aside by an intelligent operations platform that empowers workers with on-the-spot guidance while giving their managers new levels of insight and the ability to rapidly roll-out new procedures in this changing world.”

The new features have been developed in close collaboration with Checkit’s blue-chip customer base.

New features in detail:

Event-Driven Actions: This enables users of Checkit’s monitoring technology to feed sensor alerts from equipment or buildings directly into a corrective workflow for rapid remediation and action by frontline employees. With event-driven actions, the platform delivers a step-by-step workflow direct to frontline staff via their mobile device to guide them through the remedial action they need to take. This ensures a rapid response to preserve stored inventory, repair equipment and maintain safety, as well as creating an audit report of corrective action for compliance purposes, including location, time, assigned team member, nature of alert and action taken.

Job Sharing: This allows multiple staff to collaborate on a single activity. As a result, the platform has become more agile and will enhance the productivity of remote workforces. Collaborations are linked in real-time for users whilst they are online and they can catch up even if offline. The new feature means a particular set of activities, ranging from cleaning to food safety checks, are not only assigned to one individual but can be picked up by colleagues. This will be useful if a task is not completed before a shift handover, or if remote teams want to communicate and divide ad-hoc tasks between them to get work done faster. It is a tool for collaborative working that increases frontline flexibility while capturing a single record of action taken.

Shared Workflow Libraries: Common workflows such as food safety procedures, site inspections, equipment maintenance and opening / closing checks can now be stored as templates in an organisation’s online library. This enables franchisors and other organisations to implement consistent brand standards and safety routines across their entire network of sites and apply benchmarks for measurement against KPIs.

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About Checkit

Checkit is the digital assistant for deskless workforces, enabling operational agility and intelligent decision-making in large multinational and complex national organisations. The solution offers optional plugins for sensor networks and smart building management. The Checkit Connect platform prompts, guides, tracks and analyses frontline activities through digital workflows. Real-time data is captured from multiple workplaces. The platform empowers leaders to comprehend and continually improve processes, enhancing innovation, productivity, efficiency, energy usage, waste reduction, customer experience, safety and compliance. Checkit provides intelligent operations tools to the retail, franchise, healthcare, life sciences, facilities management, catering, manufacturing, hospitality and commercial property sectors. Checkit has customers including the NHS, bp, Waitrose, Sodexo and Center Parcs. The Checkit platform generates around 11bn data points per year from sensors and digital workflows. Checkit is headquartered in Cambridge, UK, with its operations centre in Fleet, UK, and US office in Florida. The company has over 170 employees.