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Central Metals Launches Gold Encrypted Fintech Platform Ledgermatix, Which Enhances Corporate Finance and Liquidity in Private Capital Markets

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International precious metals dealer, Central
Metals Corp.
(CMC), has launched Ledgermatix,
a new fintech platform that enhances global trade settlement, corporate
finance and private placements based on Gold Encrypted Digital Ledgers.

“It’s a quasi-gold standard for the digital age,” says Bosko
Kacarevic, Founder and CEO of the company (
The platform is managed in-house and allows for the capital formation
and secondary liquidity of private securities on a peer-to-peer closed
loop network. It incorporates a time-stamped encrypted audit trail of
every transaction. “It’s like a digital fingerprint on every trade,
similar to the blockchain – only better,”
says Kacarevic. The
comprehensive book-entry system is customized for trade settlement of
either gold-pegged securities or traditional securities. Every
transaction is verified, authenticated and signature guaranteed for
proof of ownership.

Ledgermatix also allows CMC to issue gold-pegged notes (GPN), a tradable
security linked to a specific quantity of physical gold, deliverable on
demand. Unlike exchange traded funds (ETF) where the trust format
involves a complicated management structure with many fees and
restrictions, GPN’s are very simple, transparent, and efficient.
Kacarevic says, “if an investor is buying gold to diversify out of
the mainstream financial market, then why own a gold security that’s
listed on the same market you’re trying to diversify away from?
legal ownership of allocated gold held by an ETF is technically owned by
the trustee of the trust fund, which is usually a bank or a third-party
custodian. However, our GPN’s are registered directly in the account
holder’s name
Coincidentally, GPN’s can also be used by
international corporations for trade settlement in over 100 different

The key feature of Ledgermatix is the gold-in-motion account,
where members can use their gold as collateral for a secured line of
credit, and compete in the corporate finance arena. Kacarevic says, “this
is exactly what gold investors have been waiting for — a simple way to
earn income on their gold stash in hiding, but remember — the gold
standard wasn’t about gold in hiding, but rather gold in circulation!

Kacarevic isn’t the only one who believes in gold financing for trade
settlement — world renowned currency trader and frequent CNBC
commentator, Yra Harris (
says he’s “right on target with gold-in-motion.”