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Catchpoint Adds Internet Intelligence to its Digital Experience Monitoring Platform: Continuous Visibility into All Network Dependencies

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the digital experience monitoring (DEM) leader, today introduced
Internet Intelligence, a new monitoring capability providing
organizations with deeper visibility into the health and pathways of the
external and internal networks upon which their applications or digital
services depend.

Internet Intelligence shows a network’s impact on the end user
experience by continuously monitoring network health and network paths
to private, public or hybrid clouds, CDNs, and other distributed IT
architecture. This far-reaching visibility isolates degradations across
broadband, transit, last mile and wireless ISP networks that could
negatively impact end users. It also reduces mean-time-to-detect and
offers the ability to adjust network peering to optimize delivery speeds.

The Catchpoint Node Network’s 800 IPv4 and IPv6 vantage points in 200
cities – the largest, most diverse monitoring infrastructure in its
category – powers this capability and provides an unmatched level of
intelligence on network performance. With its vast geographic footprint,
continuous monitoring via broadband and transit ISPs, and with
monitoring agents on the world’s leading dedicated internet providers
such as Verizon, Comcast, Level3, China Telecom, and China Mobile,
Catchpoint can pinpoint transit degradations to a specific ISP or
peering point.

“It is critical to know how the internet at large is impacting your
customers’ experience, and therefore, your business,” comments Mehdi
Daoudi, CEO and co-founder of Catchpoint. “Any company with a large and
diverse infrastructure footprint, or which relies on multiple clouds,
CDNs, and DNS providers, understands the challenge of isolating network
health when troubleshooting. By continuously testing from diverse
networks and types, ISPs and geographies, we bring a new level of
visibility and baselining to better understand reachability,
availability and performance.”

Specific benefits for Catchpoint Internet Intelligence include:

Reachability and speed in cloud, multi-cloud environments: IT
managers gain visibility into CDN, DNS, ISP, and other third-party
performance issues.

Security breaches and route hijacking: Teams can quickly detect
route changes, hijacks, leaks and broken paths, allowing them to
localize and mitigate the incident.

Interconnection and Peering: Catchpoint allows you to benchmark
network performance over time so teams can make better routing and
steering decisions.

Visualize Network Pathways: Interactive visualizations
allow you to drill down into AS and IP pathway performance metrics.

“Packet offers premium services for developers demanding the highest
performing bare metal and automated infrastructure,” says Adam
Rothschild, SVP, Network Architecture at Packet. “Catchpoint is solving
three fundamental aspects for us: ensuring that our services are
reachable from the top public cloud providers, from internet backbone
and broadband locations, and across our own internal backbone.
Catchpoint Internet Intelligence allows us to meet and exceed our
customers’ expectations by giving us trustworthy data from remote
locations around the globe, including in APAC. Detailed, granular
telemetry and specific hop-by-hop details drastically reduce MTTD, and
mean that isolating, triaging, and fixing problems happens faster and
with less effort because we know that the data we get is accurate and

Current Catchpoint customers have access to Internet Intelligence
automatically. Companies interested in Catchpoint Internet Intelligence
can learn more here:

About Catchpoint

At Catchpoint, every experience matters. Our Digital Experience
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