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Case Study: AlertEnterprise – AIG Unifies Security and Customer Service as a Business Enabler

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AlertEnterprise Inc., the leading physical-logical security convergence
software company, today announced the completion of a new case study
profiling American International Group, Inc.’s (AIG) successful
deployment of Enterprise Guardian and Visitor Identity Management
software to secure more than 185 locations.

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Security as a Business Enabler for the Finance and Insurance Industry (Photo: Business Wire)

Security as a Business Enabler for the Finance and Insurance Industry (Photo: Business Wire)

AIG’s tradition of expertise is rooted in understanding the trends
driving insurance needs, and how to help others manage their risk
proactively. However, when it came to its potential security risks, AIG
sought to reevaluate and transform its physical security approach.

Looking to move away from decentralized system silos, and inefficient
and error-prone manual processes, AIG implemented an AlertEnterprise
Physical Identity and Access Management (PIAM) system, including Visitor
Identity Management, that unified their security, automated their
processes, enhanced customer experience, and reduced operational cost.

here to read the full case study.


  • Customer service on the front end
  • Security on the back end
  • Situational Intelligence and reporting
  • System self-service and empowerment

The Numbers

  • 100K+ Cardholders
  • 185+ Locations
  • 34 Countries
  • 50+ Badging offices
  • 1000+ Visitors per day

“We went from 84 locations on our corporate standard access control
system (all within the United States) in 2011 to more than 185 locations
in 34 countries in 2018,” said Allen Viner, AIG Global Head of Physical
Security. “AlertEnterprise has been a great partner and force multiplier
for us. Their platform has enabled us to provide independence and
autonomy to the customers we support while ensuring a safe and secure
process by ensuring the process flow is in alignment with our policies
and standards.”

About AlertEnterprise

AlertEnterprise software provides true prevention of insider threats,
fraud, theft, sabotage and acts of terrorism by overcoming
vulnerabilities and blended threats across Information Technology,
Operational Technology (OT), Physical Access Systems and Industrial
Control Systems. Purpose-built for protecting critical infrastructure in
key sectors, such as utilities, oil and gas, airports, federal agencies,
financials, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, AlertEnterprise solutions
deliver industry-specific situational awareness with continuous
monitoring and incident management. To learn more about AlertEnterprise,
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