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 Capterra Delivers 1 Million Verified Software Reviews to Help Organizations Make Better Purchasing Decisions

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Capterra, the leading online resource for business software buyers, today announced 1 million verified software product reviews, across more than 700 software categories ranging from accounting software to website optimization tools, are now available on The depth and breadth of Capterra’s reviews coverage further solidifies the site as the global leader in helping software buyers find their best match.

Capterra’s reviews coverage has nearly doubled since 2018 and is by far the broadest and most comprehensive set of software reviews available to the public. This valuable, free resource is supported by Capterra’s robust quality assurance process, which ensures that all site visitors benefit from the lived experience of other human buyers — not faked reviews.

Much like in the B2C world, B2B consumers are eager to find quality-assured user reviews to help identify the technology, vendors and solutions that best match their specific needs. Capterra has learned that people are using reviews earlier in their evaluation process, significantly reducing the time and energy required to find the right solution.

Key insights from Capterra’s 1 million reviews data1 include:

Reviews Accelerate Adoption of New Technologies – Software reviews decrease the time buyers spent in the software purchase cycle by nearly six months, allowing buyers to focus more time on innovating and driving their business forward.

Reviews Impact Buyer Decisions – When learning about software, 41 percent of SMBs surveyed use websites with user reviews, while 13 percent use these websites as their first source of information.

Negative Reviews Matter – 57 percent of respondents with less than 20 employees said that negative user reviews were one of their top three reasons for disqualifying a service provider from consideration during their software purchase search.

“Sharing the real pros and cons of different software options reflects our dedication to helping organizations of all sizes and stripes identify the technology that’s right for them,” said Claire Alexander, general manager, Capterra. “With over one million verified user reviews in our database, we can now equip buyers with data-driven insights across 50,000 products — meaning that every one of our five million monthly visitors can make more informed, more confident, buying decisions.”

To go beyond star ratings, Capterra’s reviews insights team leverages artificial intelligence to perform a detailed sentiment analysis to determine how positive or negative a user’s comments are related to key product attributes such as performance, customizability, integration, ease of use and customer support. Based on this analysis, the company is able to assign a sentiment score of 1-10, with ten being the most positive. The company uses this data to create content that provides buyers with a more complete view on how a specific software ranks in these key areas.

Capterra expects to see continuous growth as it expands its portfolio into key international markets in the year ahead. To learn more about how Capterra helps millions of buyers every month discover the right software for their business needs, visit

1 Capterra Small Business Software Buying Trends Survey, 2018

About Capterra:

Capterra helps organizations around the world find the right software for their needs. Founded in 1999, Capterra’s global product footprint, verified user reviews backbone, independent research, and tailored comparison tools, provide more than five million in-market buyers with a confidence-building discovery experience every month. For more information, visit