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Canopy Puts Your Accounting Practice in Your Pocket With New Mobile App

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the leading cloud-based practice management platform for tax and
accounting professionals, today announced a free mobile application that
enables tax professionals to access and update client information
anytime, anywhere. It is compatible with both iOS and Android and is
available on both Apple
and Google

“Since starting Canopy, our goal has been to make the job of accountants
easier so that their practices can be more productive,” said Jordan Ray,
Chief Revenue Officer, Canopy. “With seamless experiences across both
mobile and desktop, there is a lot of room to make accounting workflows
more fluid. We are excited to offer the first iteration of our mobile
app and look forward to continuing to simplify the day-to-day experience
for accounting and tax professionals.”

Canopy designed the new app to enhance and complement the work
accountants perform at their desks with the long-term vision of covering
important accounting use cases including client and teammate
collaboration, task management, document scanning, dashboards and more.

Stay Connected, On the Go

Whether at the desk or on the go, accountants can access personal, team
and client files directly from their device, including contact
information, client records and tax documents. Accountants can also
view, share files, capture key details, add new contacts and modify
records on the go. Leveraging built-in file sharing functions, sharing
files is simple and practitioners can communicate over native phone,
messenger and email.

Security Built for Mobile

Designed to keep important data safe, Canopy’s mobile app offers
powerful security that doesn’t sacrifice convenience. Security features

  • Two-factor authentication: Validate the initial login over email and
    enjoy persistent sessions.
  • Passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID: After the initial two-factor
    authentication, sessions will persist without inconvenient logouts,
    all while being protected with easy passcode, Touch or Face ID
  • Device management: Track all connected mobile devices, revoke access
    and conduct data purges if a device is lost or stolen.
  • Data encryption: All data is encrypted at rest and in transit.

“With the new mobile app, Canopy’s customers can now access important
documents on the go. The team here is committed to investing in mobile
to make the lives of accountants—and in turn their clients—both better
and easier,” continued Ray.

About Canopy

Canopy is a cloud-based practice management and tax resolution software.
The modern, easy-to-use software cuts out tax practice busywork,
improves the client experience, and brings all the different tools a
practitioner needs under one roof. Canopy is also known for its free
2-minute IRS Transcripts Tool. Canopy was founded by Kurt Avarell, who
walked away from his career as a Wall Street tax attorney to launch
Canopy from his basement in 2014.

Learn more at
and @CanopyTax.