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Cameron Prell Joins XCHG to Drive Collaborative Standards for Digitization and Decarbonization

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XCHG today announced the addition of prominent climate-markets lawyer Cameron Prell as Head of Government Policy and Legal. Prell will focus on expanding cross-industry partnerships to build consensus around standards that define the value of immutable data related to energy, agriculture, water, and climate.

“Markets are rapidly converging around a new transformative reality,” Prell said. “Digital technologies and data transparency are fundamental to addressing the risks and opportunities posed by climate change and decarbonization. I’m thrilled to join this incredible mix of market experts, thought leaders, and digital innovators to enable market transactions based on vital information that was previously invisible.”

The XCHG platform provides a common digital architecture that allows participants to more accurately value corporate performance in the context of 21st century demands. “XCHG is the digital nexus where net-zero policy and price signals merge,” Prell said.

“As the world races to accommodate the megatrends of digitization and decarbonization simultaneously,” said XCHG CEO Joe Madden, “it’s invaluable to have a seasoned innovator like Cameron on the XCHG team. He has been an advisor since early in our concept phase, and helped define our core components.

“I’ve been fortunate to watch the remarkable trajectory of this company from the beginning,” Prell said. “I’m dedicated to helping XCHG build the next generation of environmental markets. We’re essentially enabling ‘the market’ to become ‘the carbon market’ by mainstreaming what has historically been isolated on the fringes.”

“Capital markets and regulatory focus on ESG factors are forcing unprecedented change requiring a new, systems-based approach,” Madden said. “Having Cameron on the team provides context and expertise that are essential as we work across technologies, borders, markets, policy, and industries to create new forms of value for the century ahead.”

Prell has been a leader in the design and implementation of market-based solutions to climate change for more than 20 years, both as a big law firm attorney and policy advisor. In 2017, he founded the Coefficient Group, a strategic climate and sustainable finance firm in Washington, DC. He has been counsel to clients in energy, water, and sustainable finance transactions around the world, and brings deep experience in energy and environmental markets, designing climate risk management strategies, and structuring green finance instruments. Prell has been a board member of the Climate Markets and Investment Association, served as national chair of the American Bar Association’s SEER Energy and Environmental Markets and Finance Committee, and participated on the Private Advisory Panel of the Climate Bonds Initiative.

About XCHG

Xpansiv CBL Holding Group (XCHG) is the world’s first commodity exchange built for a new asset class: data. We bring transparency to the market by recording real-world characteristics in an immutable profile, empowering informed decision-making and commodity differentiation. As a result, commodities can be valued based on vital information that was invisible—until now.