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Cable Network Engineer, FTTX Patents Honored with CommScope 2020 Lifetime Achievement Awards

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For its third annual Lifetime Achievement Awards, CommScope is proud to honor an exceptional cable network engineer and its comprehensive fiber-to-the-x (FTTX) patent portfolio for their invaluable impact on the global network infrastructure company and the entire telecommunications industry. CommScope announced and recognized these special award winners at its virtual 2020 Innovators in Action Summit.

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David Bowler (Photo: Business Wire)

David Bowler (Photo: Business Wire)

With more than 20 years of exceptional service, David Bowler, senior director, Advanced Research Engineering, based in Lowell, Massachusetts, earned the CommScope 2020 Lifetime Achievement Award – Innovator. An “engineer’s engineer,” Bowler’s creativity, insights and passion have led him to design innovative products and solutions for cable network service providers in the areas of optics, radio frequency (RF), digital signal processing, high-speed digital, video, software design, and more. Highlights of his career include developing 622 megabits per second passive optical network (PON) transceivers in PON’s early days and creating a diagnostic tool for debugging the RF network portion of DOCSIS (Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification), which has become a staple of the cable industry. Bowler has added 28 patents to CommScope’s portfolio.

“David is a unique industry leader and a true hands-on, nuts-and-bolts designer who is an expert at all facets of engineering,” said Tom Cloonan, chief technology officer, Broadband Networks. “His passionately pursued technical solutions have impacted industry standards and given CommScope market leadership and significant competitive advantages. It is unique to have the broad knowledge, expert skills, and work ethic that David brings to his job every day—inspirational attributes that have long been recognized by his colleagues and our customers alike. This may be his most long-lived and valued legacy.”

The CommScope 2020 Lifetime Achievement Award – Patent award honored a collective group of 40 fiber-to-the X patents that were issued early in the industry’s adoption of FTTX architectures. These patents relate to fiber connectivity products used in the passive fiber networks that enable FTTX in the areas of:

  • Connector Storage (Parking) Technology
  • Splitter Technology
  • Fiber Distribution Hub (FDH) Cabinet Structure
  • Drop Terminals
  • Connectors

“These innovations helped make FTTX successful for our service provider customers when they first faced major challenges deploying fiber outside and into neighborhoods,” said Morgan Kurk, chief technology officer, CommScope. “For nearly 17 years, our team has stepped up and solved such problems quickly and efficiently—improving the profitability and speed of FTTX installations. The entire FTTX portfolio continues to be a significant asset for CommScope today.”

CommScope recognized 16 innovators for their contributions to this award-winning FTTX patent portfolio: Barry Allen, Douglas Dowling, Erik Gronvall, Matthew Holmberg, Jonathan Kaml, Scott Kowalczyk, Thomas Leblanc, Paula Lockhart, Dr. Yu Lu, Pon Nhep, Tom Parsons, Trevor Smith, James Solheid, Pat Thompson, Tom Tinucci, and Steve Zimmel.

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