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“Business Applications @ the Speed of Thought with Joget” Hackathon at Carnegie Mellon University Addresses Provider Data Quality Problems in Healthcare

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Carnegie Mellon undergraduate students at the Tepper School of Business
participated in the “Business Applications @ the Speed of Thought with
Joget” hackathon held at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA on
Friday, 29th March and Saturday, 30th March 2019.

The students were challenged to address issues that arise from provider
data quality, one of the most debilitating problems in the healthcare
industry. Provider data refers to physicians, hospitals, health
professionals, and any other practitioners and institutions who deliver
coordinated healthcare services. According to the Council for Affordable
Quality Healthcare (CAQH), healthcare industry stakeholders spend over
$2 billion annually maintaining provider databases. A lack of quality
and accurate provider database impacts business processes, patient care,
and leads to a multitude of critical issues.

Based on the business case presented by Mokxa Technologies LLC, a
healthcare IT company and a strategic Joget partner, the hackathon
challenge was to design a solution and create a web or mobile
application that addresses at least one issue related to provider data
management involving two or more stakeholders in the healthcare
industry. As the hackathon was to be completed within 24 hours, student
teams used the Joget no-code/low-code rapid application development
platform to develop and demonstrate their solutions.

The students came up with some brilliant ideas, channeled their personal
experiences and conceptualized integration of cutting edge technologies
like artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain to create fully
functional applications which included back-end processes and front-end
user interfaces (UI).

“It was refreshing to see how students leveraged new and emerging
technologies like Joget, no-code low-code platforms and how these
technologies can accelerate application development. I see no-code
low-code technologies like Joget as the future of application
development,” said Param Vir Singh, Carnegie Bosch Chair, Director, PNC
Center for Financial Services Innovation and Associate Professor of
Business Technologies at the David A Tepper School of Business, Carnegie
Mellon University.

On the scene: Students impress judges with their concepts and execution

The top prize was awarded to team Tartans. Emma Chai, Roshni Mehta and
Steve Wong created a fully functional application that leveraged the
power of push notifications to engage both healthcare providers and
consumers to persist accurate provider data in directories.

Second place went to David Cheung and Jacqueline Zhang from team CMU
Tartans. They demonstrated a very thorough concept that leveraged
blockchain to tackle the provider data issues.

In third and fourth place were teams Teppers (Jihang Hur, Roshini
Sriram, and Stephanie Tseng) and Tartan (Rishabh Jain and Xinda Zhou)
respectively. While Teppers incorporated provider-consumer chat sessions
together with very detailed and complex forms to showcase the concept,
Rishabh and Xinda dug deep into some consumer experiences to
conceptualize thorough workflow processes.

“Thanks to Carnegie Mellon University – Tepper School of Business
students, faculty members and judges for making this hackathon a huge
success. It was an amazing experience to see how business students took
on the challenge to demonstrate working applications in less than 24
hours,” said Raveesh, CEO of Joget. “This is exactly what the Joget
platform is meant to do, to enable users to deliver faster. With a
visual and web-based approach, the platform empowers anyone to instantly
build and maintain apps anytime, anywhere.”

About Joget

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