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BPU Holdings CTO Appointed Chair of Industry Advisory Board for the NSF Center for Cloud and Autonomic Computing

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Earlier this month, the NSF CAC Center appointed BPU Chief Technology
Officer, Carlos Art Nevarez, to chair their Industry Advisory Board.

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Carlos Art Nevarez, CTO for BPU Holdings (Photo: Business Wire)

Carlos Art Nevarez, CTO for BPU Holdings (Photo: Business Wire)

IAB members represent the interests of their organizations within the
Center. As Chair of the IAB representing BPU, Nevarez’ responsibilities
include reviewing and evaluating prospective and current research
projects amongst CAC members. Additionally, he serves as BPU’s strategic
representative for information technology being developed within the
Center. In the United States, there are more than 75 Industry-University
Cooperative Research Centers (I/UCRC) that are distributed over 225
university sites, and populated by more than 876 industry and government
members. Nevarez is chairing the Advisory Board for the CAC, which is
one of 24 centers in the areas of IT, communication and computing.

Carlos Art Nevarez states, “As Chair of the IAB, BPU Holdings gets
the opportunity to help shape the CAC projects along with other industry
leaders such as Dell, Raytheon and the Department of Defense agencies
that are members of the NSF CAC center. It is both an honor and
responsibility to help steer projects that are not only academically
challenging, but commercially viable
.” He further adds, “I’m
grateful to have Dr. Salim Hariri and Allan Sill, who are co-directors
of the Center, to help me bring my experience to bear in such relevant
and important research as the CAC is currently leading

Dr. Hariri, Full Professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering
Department of the College of Engineering at the University of Arizona
and Co-founder of Seva Technology, adds, “We’ve seen significant
progress in our center’s project that focuses on Artificial Emotional
Intelligence (AEI). With Carlos’ expertise and knowledge in the fields,
we are able to demonstrate the successful use of AEI technology in
He understands both sides of architectural
tech-building and commercialization of unique products that align with
the NSF CAC’s goals. We’re happy to have him on board

CAC Chairs elected from the IAB membership play an active role in
recruiting new members, stimulating interest in projects and ensuring
fluid communication between the IAB, CAC Sites and Center Directors. BPU
Holdings is recognized as a Global leader in Artificial Emotional
Intelligence technology, building key strategic partnerships amongst the
members of the NSF, I/UCRC, CAC and now actively expanding to other
institutions as part of their Academic/Industry Outreach Program. The
company will enhance the intellectual capacity of the engineering and
science workforce through the integration of research and education
institutions into their AEI framework.

About BPU Holdings

BPU Holdings is dedicated to generating the first Artificial Emotional
Intelligent (AEI) – Framework. Artificial Intelligence (AI) emulates how
people think — AEI emulates how people feel. AEI technology advances the
human condition by providing rigorous tools to improve emotional
intelligence. BPU gives back. Our acronym translates to ‘Bae-Pum’ in
Korean, which means “to giveaway.” We strive to do exactly that as we
have set our company articles to allocate 30% of our company’s profit to
the public good.