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Bouygues Telecom Achieves Zero Downtime by Replacing Relational Database With DataStax

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the leading provider of the active everywhere hybrid cloud database
built on Apache Cassandra™, today announced that Bouygues Telecom, a
French mobile phone, internet service provider, and IPTV company, is
using DataStax
to improve the availability, scalability, and consistency
of its network.

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After learning its relational #database couldn’t keep
its network running, @bouyguestelecom implemented @DataStax & now
experiences zero #downtime and plans to scale to 1.5 billion
transactions per day

Bouygues Telecom has more than 16.4 million mobile phone customers and
provides 4G service to more than 97% of the French population. The
company was struggling with the data quality and availability of its
provisioning system, which keeps its networks running, and needed to
replace its relational database with something far more powerful and

With DataStax, a globally distributed and scalable intelligent database,
Bouygues Telecom avoided having to use obsolete or outdated data and was
able to guarantee very high network availability without compromising
data quality.

“We were able to start working off clean and consistent data without
having to worry about downtime,” said Louis Le Compagnon, Head of the
Development Center and Shared Architecture within the Networks
Department of Bouygues Telecom. “That is a huge advantage and step

“We’re honored to be able to help a company of Bouygues Telecom’s size
and importance maintain a complicated network and improve service for
its customers,” said DataStax CMO Cate Lochead. “With our help, Bouygues
Telecom is keeping millions of people consistently and seamlessly
connected to their essential communications tools.”

DataStax allows querying of the database in several ways, making it
possible to detect and correct inconsistencies. The solution is also
easily scalable and Bouygues Telecom hopes to eventually use it to
handle 1.5 billion transactions per day. Another advantage of DataStax:
the high level of security within the cluster, which allows native
encryption—an extremely valuable function in the context of the General
Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the sensitive customer data that
telecom operators sometimes handle.

“Today, we have an infrastructure that allows us to ensure continuous
availability on our three websites,” Le Compagnon continued. “If all the
nodes integrate all the data, all are not systematically used and we
adapt the level of transactional risk according to each case of use. If
a site is lost, consistency can be maintained. For example, we lost four
nodes in pre-production, but we did not suffer any loss of service.”

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