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Blis’ 2020 Marketing Playbook Reveals Discrepancies Between What Customers Say Versus What They Actually Do

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Blis, the global leader in real-world intelligence, today launched an official playbook for marketers heading into 2020. The findings uncover a growing divide between what customers say and what they do, based on new data around consumer preferences and real-world behaviors. The report revealed that nearly 80% of customers said loyalty to their favorite brands had not changed, further underscoring the need for brands to better understand their customers if they want to grow loyalty, conquest competition and stay top of mind in 2020.

Blis conducted a study to understand more about consumer behaviors in 2019 and what they’d like to see brands do more of in 2020. Simultaneously, Blis analyzed proprietary data on in-store foot traffic at top retailers to uncover any connections between what consumers claim to want from brands and which brands were seeing a rise in foot traffic. A key theme centered around how well brands were understanding the customer and which aspects of brand’s purpose-driven marketing efforts were resonating with consumers in 2019.

“Our research underscores the need for brands to have a deep knowledge of not just what consumers are saying, but what they’re actually doing,” said Gil Larsen, Managing Director of Blis Americas. “If brands want to build loyalty heading into 2020, they’ll need to continue creating personalized, unique experiences and understand the value of purpose-driven strategies for individual consumers.”

In “2020 Playbook: Exploring the Divide Between What Customers Say and Do”, brands can gain a better understanding of today’s shopper and other key findings:

  • 2020 tactics should rely less on what consumers say and more around what they’re actually doing, as real-world behaviors are the best indicator of what they will do next.
  • 41% of consumers said their favorite brand campaigns of 2019 were those that felt authentic and honest.
  • Respondents said they were more inclined to switch brands if another was more aligned with their own values – second only to cost.
  • Brands with strong political/cultural stances in 2019 had the highest potential (at 34% more than the average) to drive consumers in-stores.
  • Despite consumers choosing sustainability as second most important in brand selection, marketers shouldn’t expect boosts in store visits from environmentally-focused ads.
  • Consumers are craving more unique experiences but don’t feel brands are doing enough to create one-of-a-kind, personalized experiences for them.

“2020 Playbook: Exploring the Divide Between What Customers Say and Do” helps brands, marketers and advertisers better understand a generation of consumers who are more aware of the impact their decisions have than ever before. Learn more and download the full report here.

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