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Black Pearl Mail Unveils New Insights Module; Equips Customers with Real-Time Email Visibility & Customized Analytics

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Pearl Mail
, the provider that transforms email into a smart digital
marketing tool, today announces it is releasing a new module for its
software-as-a-service (SaaS) product. The Insights module, which is a
productivity suite for customers, activates the intelligence of email so
customers can begin using it strategically. This module includes
real-time notifications and customized dashboard style analytics to give
senders visibility into when their emails are getting opened and what
elements are being interacted with in their email.

“Email is a huge part of our communication process with our potential
and existing customers,” says Shaun Schulman, director of marketing at Emerge.
“Being that we have a very large sales team spread in multiple locations
and time zones, Black Pearl allows us to quickly manage and control our
brand in just a few clicks. We love the ability to group people into
teams with separate looks and information. On top of that, the analytics
to see who opens and clicks is highly valuable. We’re very much looking
forward to gaining insight into more behaviors with the new Insights

Black Pearl’s current 700+ customers are being invited to try Insights,
and the platform is available to all interested parties. Prior to the
Insights module release, the company also recently released Native
Analytics, which included updates to the look and feel of the
‘in-the-box’ reports that come with its signature and branding service,
enhanced A/B testing functionality and exportable link/website clicks.
Customers can now purchase Signature Solutions, which includes Native
Analytics, at a lower price point, or Insights at a slightly higher
price point.

“Our platform has always helped customers understand whether or not
their emails are getting read, and to make sense of their email data,”
says Nick Lissette, founder of Black Pearl Mail. “But the new Insights
module extends beyond this, deepening the visibility and actionable
nature of the information they receive. Now customers can understand the
behavior or path their recipients take after opening a message, clicking
on the links or interacting with their banner ad. This enables our
customers to capture the ‘magic minute’ with their recipients; that
moment in time when you have your audience’s full attention and
you know what they are interested in.”

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About Black Pearl

Founded in 2014, Black Pearl Mail is a software-as-a-service (SaaS)
product that helps companies increase their brand and grow revenues.
Black Pearl has been engineered to integrate with Microsoft’s O365 as
well as G-Suite and on-premise email systems. It is a true
force-multiplier for traditional works on any email system and
integrates with marketing & sales integration tools like Marketo and By providing companies with powerful email signatures,
simplified email signature management and the ability to use every day
email as a digital marketing channel, Black Pearl Mail is amplifying
what companies can do with email, one of their most-used, and
least-utilized tools. The company is now headquartered in Scottsdale,
Arizona, also has a growing R&D hub in Wellington, New Zealand. To learn
more, please visit