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BioCatch Digital Identity Solution Based on AI-Driven Behavioral Biometrics Now Available on ForgeRock Marketplace

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the global leader in AI-driven behavioral biometrics, announced today at
the annual ForgeRock Identity Summit Americas that its behavioral
biometrics-based digital identity solution is now available on the ForgeRock
. Combining BioCatch’s industry-leading solution with
ForgeRock’s Intelligent Authentication technology makes it easy for
ForgeRock clients to implement passive authentication and prevent
account takeover attacks for a better customer identity and access
management experience.

Unlike one-time passwords and other static means of authentication that
are easily circumvented or spoofed by today’s sophisticated
fraudsters, BioCatch monitors the entire digital identity lifecycle,
from account creation to login and beyond, providing continuous
authentication throughout an online session. In the process, BioCatch
analyzes more than 2,000 parameters, and, if it detects activity that
matches the behavioral profile of a fraudster, sends an alert to the
ForgeRock Identity Platform. This reduces unnecessary escalations and
maintains a seamless user experience. Other benefits include greater
consistency and visibility across multiple digital channels, as the
solution supports both web and mobile applications.

“Behavioral biometrics is entering the mainstream, as it is the only way
to answer consumer demands for continuous security, privacy and
convenience. As attention turns to implementation and scale, the
BioCatch-ForgeRock integration demonstrates how it is not only possible,
but easy, for organizations to deploy this technology,” said Avi
Turgeman, Co-Founder and CTO of BioCatch. “Just as we aim to enable
secure and seamless online experiences for end users, we are also
committed to working with partners that make it easy for CISOs to
implement our market-leading technology into their environments.”

While 100% of the fraud that BioCatch sees today occurs after the login,
reflecting the threat of account takeover attacks, a recent Aite Group
Impact Report highlights the growing trend towards seamless
authentication as well as consumers’ desire to avoid unnecessary
friction when transacting online. Behavioral biometrics is highlighted
as one of the leading technologies that can address the paradox and
provide a solution that addresses the need for security as well as user
convenience. BioCatch has emerged as the industry leader in this space,
with an unparalleled patent portfolio and an approach that works across
the digital lifecycle.

“As behavioral biometrics becomes a must-have in the authentication
suite, it requires integration into an orchestration and provisioning
layer so that alerts are properly managed and streamlined into the
organization’s overall workflow. Our partnership with BioCatch
eliminates the complexity involved when implementing behavioral
biometrics,” said Ben Goodman, Senior Vice President of Global Strategy
and Innovation at ForgeRock. “With tier-one customers around the globe
and a proven ROI, BioCatch has set the standard for behavioral
biometrics as a key component of next generation digital identity
frameworks, and ForgeRock is one of the primary platforms enabling the
enterprise to easily adopt it.”

About ForgeRock

ForgeRock® is the Digital Identity Management company transforming the
way organizations build trust and interact securely with customers,
employees, devices, and things. Organizations adopt the ForgeRock
Identity Platform™ as their digital identity system of record to
monetize customer relationships, address stringent regulations for
privacy and consent (GDPR, HIPAA, FCC privacy, etc.), and leverage the
Internet-of-Things. ForgeRock serves hundreds of brands, including
Morningstar, Vodafone, GEICO, TomTom, and Pearson, as well as
governments such as Norway, New Zealand, and Belgium, among many others.
Headquartered in San Francisco, California, ForgeRock has offices in
Austin, London, Bristol, Grenoble, Munich, Paris, Oslo, Singapore,
Sydney and Vancouver, Washington. ForgeRock is privately held, backed by
leading global venture capital firms Accel Partners, Foundation Capital,
Meritech Capital and KKR. For more information and free downloads, visit
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About BioCatch

BioCatch is a digital identity company that delivers AI-driven
behavioral biometrics, analyzing human-device interactions to protect
users and data. Banks and other enterprises use BioCatch to
significantly reduce online fraud and better manage online identity
verification, without compromising the user experience. With an
unparalleled patent portfolio and deployments at major financial
institutions and global enterprises around the world that cover 90
million users to date, BioCatch has established itself as the industry
leader. For more information, please visit