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Big Data in Healthcare: Quantzig Brings to You Four Simple Steps to Create a Connected Big Data Ecosystem

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Quantzig, a premier data analytics and advisory firm that delivers actionable analytics solutions to resolve complex business problems, has announced the completion of its latest article that outlines four simple steps to create a big data ecosystem in healthcare.

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Steps to Build a Big Data Ecosystem (Graphic: Business Wire)

Steps to Build a Big Data Ecosystem (Graphic: Business Wire)

We live in the big data era where tumultuous shifts are underway in BI, analytics, and data management, prompting healthcare organizations to adopt a new approach to build and deploy a big data ecosystem. Owing to the ongoing developments, big data ecosystems are no longer the outmoded, insular systems contained within corporate walls. The ability of businesses to interpret data and act on insights can be augmented using a connected big data ecosystem that includes a complex network of applications, infrastructure, and advanced big data analytics tools that help capture and analyze data. As a result, healthcare organizations are not just looking at revamping their big data ecosystem but are learning to integrate expertise and insight to drive growth and innovation.

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According to Quantzig’s big data analytics experts, “With the ongoing developments, the big data ecosystem of healthcare institutions will continue to lag, leading to challenges in data analysis and insight generation. These challenges are poised to present major opportunities for those who can leverage big data analytics to meet the evolving market needs.”

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Steps to Build a Healthcare Big Data Ecosystem

Step 1: Data Discovery & Repository Creation

Businesses today gather data from disparate sources across the organization and then integrate domain-specific data pre-processing techniques & build machine learning models to address critical issues. By adopting such an approach, they often end up creating their version of a single source of truth and continue benchmarking results unaware of its impact. To avoid such issues, it’s essential to create a single source of truth that unifies domains and promotes collaboration to build and deliver a 360-degree view of the business goals.

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Step 2: Centralized, Connected Big Data Ecosystem Design

Quantzig’s approach to devising a connected big data ecosystem depends on the level of analytical maturity within an organization. Before designing the centralized data ecosystem, our big data analytics experts suggest businesses must conduct an analytical maturity assessment that can offer insights on the right tools, the approach, and technology based on the business goals

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Step 3: Data Collation & Analysis

A robust data repository plays a vital role in helping businesses collect and analyze data from disparate sources. With the unrelenting pressures to innovate and grow, companies must consider enhancing their ability to collate, segment, and analyze data using a connected, evolving big data ecosystem.

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Step 4: Insight Generation Using Big Data Analytics

During this phase, our analytics experts collaborate with representatives from various teams within your organization to communicate the finding and share personalized recommendations to meet your business goals and KPI’s.

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