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Beyorch, Inc. Announces Beyorch Digital Token ICO

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Beyorch, Inc. is excited to announce the launch of the Beyorch Digital Token, the first cryptocurrency governance token backed by merchant loan obligations. The official launch date of the Beyorch Digital ICO ($BYC) is July 29, 2021 and the pre-sale term is open.

Beyorch believes Beyorch Digital will allow investors to enter the cryptocurrency market with less risk, as the token is backed by Beyorch’s merchant loan portfolio. In addition, Beyorch Digital Tokens can provide passive income and access to discounted interest rates for merchant loan fees.

The total supply of tokens is 500 million, and the company is making 25 percent of that available during the pre-sale period through July 29, 2021, priced at $0.20 for a minimum purchase of $500.

A background white paper and the ability to create an account to purchase $BYC can be found at:

“We’re enthused to be the first US hybrid merchant bank to enter this space,” said Trish Brown, COO of Beyorch. “We think people will be happy with their purchase of this cryptocurrency product, as it represents a lower risk profile.”

Beyorch Digital Tokens’ governance will allow the community to vote on and make changes and decisions transparently, leading to greater confidence in their investment. In keeping with the spirit of its merchant bank roots, future developments include an app, credit card, and consumer loans for holders of $BYC.

Beyorch, Inc. is a hybrid merchant bank that originates loans for companies while offering investment advantages to the everyday investor.