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Berlingske Media Becomes Latest Publishing Company to Select Aria’s Media and Publishing Suite

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 the leader in helping enterprises grow subscription- and
usage-based revenue, today announced that Berlingske Media, a leading
Danish-based media company and owner of newspapers, websites, and radio
stations, will deploy Aria’s billing and monetization platform and the
Aria Media and Publishing Suite (AMPS) to enhance billing capabilities,
support the rapid introduction of new digital services, and improve the
end-customer experience.

Berlingkse Media selected Aria following an independent and competitive
analysis of cloud and on-premise solutions to support both print and
digital subscribers in a single unified environment. Berlingske is the
latest addition in a wave of media and publishing companies to adopt
AMPS to manage print and digital subscriptions holistically.

“For publishers that want to embrace digital transformation without
abandoning their traditional businesses, AMPS is the perfect solution,”
said Tom Dibble, President and CEO, Aria Systems. “Aria sits seamlessly
alongside existing systems, allowing any publisher to immediately
improve the customer experience, quickly introduce a new array of
tailored service offerings, and generate high-growth recurring revenue
streams. We are delighted to welcome Berlingske Media to Aria.”

Berlingske Media manages five major media brands in Denmark, including Berlingske,
one of the world’s oldest newspapers, first published in 1749; B.T.;
Weekendavisen; 24Syv and Euroinvestor. Today,
digital content is the largest driver of Berlingske’s growth with
half of its reader traffic coming from handheld mobile devices.
Berlingske Media will rely on AMPS to support its continuing transition
from print to digital and to accelerate the introduction of new
subscription-based digital.

“It became clear during the competitive analysis that the Aria solution
was best suited to help us immediately improve our billing capabilities
and enable an elegant customer experience across our entire network of
print and digital properties,” said Ann Fogelgren, CIO, Berlingske
Media. “AMPS will allow us to bring new services to market to grow our
subscriber base and flexibly bundle offerings based on targeted
profiles. Aria clearly understands both the challenges publishers face
as well as the market opportunities that can be capitalized upon only
with the presence of a modern billing system.”

About Aria Systems:

Aria Systems’ cloud-based monetization platform is the analysts’ choice,
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About Berlingske Media:

Founded in 1749, Berlingske Media is a Danish-based media company that
owns a large number of newspapers, websites and radio stations. The
company publishes Berlingske, one of the world’s oldest newspapers. The
company now focuses on four main brands; Berlingske, B.T., Weekendavisen
and Radio24syv. For more information, please visit