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Bellwether Financial Group Joins with Nadavon Capital Partners for $20 Million Investment in Clubspeed

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Bellwether Financial Group (“Bellwether”) today announced the completion
of a $20 million equity investment made with Nadavon Capital Partners
(“Nadavon”) in Clubspeed, an international leader in cloud-based SaaS
solutions designed to enhance customer experience and simplify
engagement for entertainment and activity centers around the world.

Bellwether joined Nadavon, an existing investor, in its additional
investment in Clubspeed. Romir Bosu, CEO of Nadavon, stated, “We are
pleased to have taken our initial minority position to now having a
majority interest. Clubspeed has developed a dynamic team and we look
forward to working together in building upon its leadership position in
the industry as well as expanding its successful platform and offerings.”

“Bellwether is committed to investing in technology platforms that drive
efficiency and enhance client engagement,” said Joe Ueberroth, Founder
and President of Bellwether. He added, “Clubspeed delivers a product in
a growing market that is experiencing a wide variety of service demands
driven by a proliferation of venues and continued gamification of
activities. We believe that Clubspeed continues to exceed their
customers’ needs as it anticipates new product enhancements. As a member
of the Board, I look forward to working with Romir and his team.”

About Nadavon Capital Partners

Based in Newport Beach, California, Nadavon Capital Partners is a
specialty investment firm focusing on high-growth software and financial
technology companies. A team of entrepreneurs themselves with years of
experience, Nadavon understands the critical elements that starting and
growing a business requires and serves as a financial partner that
provides advice, direction and value. For more information, visit
Nadavon’s website at

About Bellwether Financial Group

Bellwether Financial Group is an investment company focused on dynamic
companies and iconic properties. Bellwether was founded by Joseph
Ueberroth in 1997 with a purpose of investing capital with proven
management teams and then working together to build successful
companies. For more information, visit

About Clubspeed

Clubspeed has the world’s leading cloud-based software for activity
centers, revolutionizing the way venue owners and managers run their
businesses every day. Serving karting facilities, trampoline parks, and
family entertainment centers, its features include kart timing,
trampoline gamification, point-of-sale, marketing automation and more.
For more information, visit Clubspeed’s website at