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Beatty and Company Computing Inc. Successfully Completes Exercise Pilot with the U.S. Army

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Beatty & Company Computing Inc. (BCCI) today announced the successful completion of its exercise pilot with the U.S. Army. The pilot demonstrated that BCCI’s Beacen vSeries Software Platform significantly improves the U.S. Army’s cybersecurity posture while greatly simplifying soldier mission application client management.

“We were delighted with the very positive feedback and enthusiasm of the soldiers during the pilot. We believe that our Beacen platform will positively transform the Army’s tactical cyber-security posture and greatly simplify and streamline the deployment of warfighting mission applications to our soldiers,” said Tim Beatty, President of Beatty & Company Computing.

The Beatty & Company vSeries Software Platform enables by-policy on-demand deployment to endpoints of mission applications contained within an in-memory lightweight Virtual Operating System. The read-only Virtual Operating System eliminates all external malware attack vectors to secure the endpoints. The demonstration validated the solution, and feedback from the soldiers was extremely enthusiastic.

“We are very pleased to be able to partner with the U.S. Army to demonstrate our tactical cloud enabling solutions,” said Tim Beatty. “Our team of secure operating system experts has decades of experience providing these capabilities to the defense and commercial marketplace, and we look forward to continuing to partner with the U.S. Army on this critical effort.”

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Beatty and Company Computing Inc. offers a new vision to enable businesses to effectively manage this exponential growth in data with enterprise-class, virtualized IT solutions—with cost savings that will please the most fiscally conservative companies even in the face of a struggling economy. For over 20 years Beatty and Company Computing has been serving leading corporations with proven technology, designed and secured for the enterprise. The patented BeacenTM Solution Suite was initially created in a cooperative research and development partnership with the U.S. Navy. The requirements elicited the creation of a breakthrough software solution allowing seamless delivery of a virtualized file system to any operating system. Our longstanding team of accomplished, industry recognized professionals continue to make advancements that improve the end-user and IT management experience for our customers. With thousands of seats in place and decade long relationships with Fortune 40 corporations, you can rely on Beatty and Company for highly agile, scalable, secure IT solutions that directly impact your bottom line. For more information about Beatty & Company Computing, contact Rick Boyce 858-386-9533, or please visit