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Beacon Healthcare Systems Introduces New Medicare Supplemental Benefits Module

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Beacon Healthcare Systems has introduced a new Medicare Supplemental Benefits module expressly designed to help Medicare Advantage health plans with the approval and delivery of supplemental benefits for their members. Beacon is home to the healthcare industry’s leading compliance and risk management technologies.

Beacon’s new module comes on the heels of new guidelines from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services that allow the expansion of supplemental benefits in Medicare Advantage to cover not only benefits that are “primarily health-related” but, for the first time, to expand that scope to include any benefit “as long as they are healthcare benefits.” These include services and support that make it easier for older adults to stay in their homes and lead longer, healthier lives and include such benefits as pest control, service pets, electricity and food delivery.

“Many health plans have long supported older adults’ ability to stay healthy and independent at home, and this change in CMS policy creates the opportunity to expand coverage and make it even easier to do precisely that,” said Bevann Moreland, senior vice president of payer product innovation at Beacon. “In that spirit, Beacon launched a new module earlier this year to help a national Medicare Advantage plan manage supplemental benefits for their members; and in the first week alone, they captured 2,000 cases. We are excited to help plans distinguish themselves from the competition by bringing new benefits to their members that address social needs and improve their quality of life.”

In addition to this new Supplemental Benefits module, Beacon provides a portfolio of industry-leading health plan solutions designed to meet today’s regulatory requirements. These include:

  • Virtual Compliance Manager – Providing state-of-the-art compliance, analytics, monitoring, and regulatory guidance-tracking and routing capabilities. With separate modules for guidance, audit workflow and automated monitoring, VCM is also the only solution to provide over 1,000 built-in audit rules for real-time auditing and monitoring of transactional data that allows a health plan the opportunity to correct and address issues immediately.
  • Virtual Appeals Manager – The industry’s most intuitive and easy-to-use appeals and grievances tool. Designed by health plan compliance and operational experts, VAM is a highly configurable and automated solution that can be implemented in record time and provides unparalleled control and transparency of cases from intake to review, thus ensuring complete compliance with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. VAM also helps reduce a massive amount of health plan letters into a manageable and efficient core of templates.

“We pride ourselves in being a partner health plans can trust and turn to with confidence to help them efficiently manage their complex business and best serve their members,” said Beacon CEO Ken Stockman. “Each of Beacon’s products—including our new Supplemental Benefits module—have been designed with this in mind and are supported by a team of subject-matter experts who have been on the frontlines and are ready to support our clients at every turn.”

Beacon Healthcare Systems is home to the healthcare industry’s leading compliance and risk management technologies, providing health plans of all sizes and sponsorships with customizable and scalable SaaS (Service as a Software) solutions that ensure accountability, accuracy and operational efficiency. With a focus on appeals, grievances, compliance and analytics, Beacon HCS is the first place health plans turn to when they are looking for a trusted, experienced partner who can help them reduce costs, grow revenue and achieve their strategic goals. Founded in 2011, Beacon HCS is a privately held California-based company with a technology center located in Austin, Texas.