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Basware Launches Maturity Services to Help Customers Develop Source-to-Pay Processes

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Basware (Nasdaq:
, the global leader in networked source-to-pay solutions,
e-invoicing and innovative financing services, recently introduced
Maturity Services, a new assessment tool for Basware customers. Maturity
Services helps organizations assess, develop and refine their
source-to-pay processes to benchmark, and then achieve, best-in-class
source-to-pay with Basware.

“What we often see is that organizations struggle to see where they
stand compared to others in the implementation of automated processes.
With Maturity Services we can help them not only understand where they
are in their journey but also how they stack up against the current
standard. Once they have a clear idea of key outcomes they want to
achieve we help them strategize and agree on the concrete steps needed
to reach them,” said Andrew Dos Santos, Business Consulting Practice
Lead for Basware.

At the core of Maturity Services lies the maturity assessment tool – an
online role-based survey that provides the customer with an
understanding of their organization’s maturity across seven areas that
include Procurement, Accounts Payment and Organization and Governance.
It also gives a more detailed analysis of a specific area of customer’s
interest, allowing focused development plans to be created and then
actioned with further support offered through Basware coaching services.

“We’ve designed the assessment to be sent to multiple functional owners
and stakeholders in the customer organization. This allows us to capture
various perspectives and share our expertise to help evolve operations
and leverage our solutions to their fullest potential,” said Dos Santos.

“I honestly can’t imagine doing this work without the Basware Advisory
team,” said Ryan Martens, Director of Accounts Payable, Mohawk Medbuy.
“Basware is up to date on best practices, so get the team in early and
often. We continue to work on improvements thanks to the roadmap/
Maturity Action Plan. It shows us that even better outcomes are
available and achievable.”

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