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BAE Systems’ Vehicle Protection Systems Provide Layered Defense for Armored Vehicles

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BAE Systems unveiled its 360 Multifunction Vehicle Protection (MVP)
Sensor as part of the company’s integrated vehicle protection system
(VPS) suite, which provides improved visibility, situational awareness,
threat warning, and countermeasures to protect armored vehicles and

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BAE Systems' 360 Multifunction Vehicle Protection (MVP) Sensor provides 360-degree visibility and th ...

BAE Systems’ 360 Multifunction Vehicle Protection (MVP) Sensor provides 360-degree visibility and threat warning capabilities day or night despite challenging battlefield conditions. (Image: BAE Systems, Inc.)

The 360 MVP Sensor combines four high-definition, extended-view
multifunction cameras that serve as the eyes of the VPS, providing crews
with sharp images of the battlespace around them and quickly detecting
and tracking threats – from ground troops and small arms fire to aerial
systems, improvised explosive devices, and missiles. The sensors provide
360-degree visibility and threat warning capabilities during the day, at
night, in adverse weather, and despite challenging natural and manmade
battlefield conditions including fog, dust, and smoke.

“Our approach is different. We’re using mature, integrated components to
provide a modular and affordable system for protecting armored vehicles
that’s tailorable to the platform, mission, and budget,” said Ryan
Edwards, BAE Systems’ business development manager for Soldier and
Vehicle Electronics. “Our vehicle protection system lets crews see first
and act first, helping them complete their missions.”

The 360 MVP Sensor provides early threat warning that helps crews
quickly detect, recognize, identify, and track potential threats. It can
be integrated with and cue non-kinetic countermeasures – including BAE
Systems’ RAVEN
– and kinetic countermeasures to defeat threats,
shortening the response chain and reducing the cognitive load on crews,
improving mobility, lethality, survivability, and overall mission

BAE Systems’ VPS provides an integrated, layered defense for armored
vehicles that builds on the company’s extensive experience developing
sensors, image-processing technology, and aircraft survivability
equipment – technology that has been proven through millions of combat

Development of BAE Systems’ vehicle protections systems is conducted at
the company’s manufacturing center of excellence in Austin, Texas.

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