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AWS Announces General Availability of Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive—the Lowest Cost Storage in the Cloud

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Today, Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS), an company (NASDAQ:
AMZN), announced the general availability of Amazon S3 Glacier Deep
Archive, a new storage class that provides secure, durable object
storage for long-term retention of data that is rarely accessed. At just
$0.00099 per GB-month (less than one-tenth of one cent, or $1 per
TB-month), S3 Glacier Deep Archive offers the lowest cost storage in the
cloud, at prices significantly lower than storing and maintaining data
in on-premises magnetic tape libraries or archiving data off-site. To
get started with S3 Glacier Deep Archive visit:

Organizations in many market segments (e.g., financial services,
healthcare, and government, etc.) are required to retain data for long
periods of time to meet regulatory compliance requirements. In addition,
there are organizations, such as media and entertainment companies, that
want to keep a backup copy of core intellectual property. These datasets
are often very large, consisting of multiple petabytes, and yet
typically only a small percentage of this data is ever accessed—once or
twice a year at most. To retain data long-term, many organizations turn
to on-premises magnetic tape libraries or offsite tape archival
services. However, maintaining this tape infrastructure is difficult and
time-consuming; tapes degrade if not properly stored and require
multiple copies, frequent validation, and periodic refreshes to maintain
data durability. Additionally, it is difficult or impossible to do
machine learning and other types of analysis directly on data stored on
tape. Now, with S3 Glacier Deep Archive, customers with large datasets
they want to retain for long periods will be able to eliminate both the
cost and management of tape infrastructure, while ensuring that their
data is preserved for future use and analysis, such as in oil and gas
seismic exploration and developing autonomous vehicles. Customers can
still use S3 Glacier when they want retrieval options in minutes for
archive data, while S3 Glacier Deep Archive is ideal for customers who
want the lowest cost for archive data that is rarely accessed. In the
event that recovery becomes necessary, the objects can be recovered in
as little as 12 hours with S3 Glacier Deep Archive versus days or weeks
with off-site tape.

“We have customers who have exabytes of storage locked away on tape, who
are stuck managing tape infrastructure for the rare event of data
retrieval. It’s hard to do and that data is not close to the rest of
their data if they want to do analytics and machine learning on it,”
said Mai-Lan Tomsen Bukovec, Vice President, Amazon S3, AWS. “S3 Glacier
Deep Archive costs just a dollar per terabyte per month and opens up
rarely accessed storage for analysis whenever the business needs it,
without having to deal with the infrastructure or logistics of tape

With six different storage class options, Amazon S3 provides the
broadest array of cost-optimization options available in the cloud
today. All objects stored in S3 Glacier Deep Archive are replicated and
stored across at least three geographically-dispersed Availability
Zones, designed for 99.999999999% (eleven nines) durability, and can be
restored within 12 hours or less. S3 Glacier Deep Archive also offers a
bulk retrieval option that lets customers retrieve petabytes of data
within 48 hours. Customers can upload data to S3 Glacier Deep Archive
over the internet or using AWS Direct Connect and the AWS Management
Console, AWS Storage Gateway, AWS DataSync, AWS Command Line Interface,
or the AWS Software Development Kit. S3 Glacier Deep Archive is
integrated with Tape Gateway, a cloud-based virtual tape library feature
of AWS Storage Gateway, so customers using it to manage on-premises
tape-based backups can choose to archive their new virtual tapes in
either S3 Glacier or S3 Glacier Deep Archive. S3 Glacier Deep Archive is
available in all AWS commercial and AWS GovCloud (US) Regions.

Deluxe is the world’s leading video creation to distribution company
offering global, end-to-end services and technology. Through unmatched
scale, technology and capabilities, Deluxe enables the global market for
video content. “As the demand for higher quality and increased amounts
of content continues to rapidly grow, we will now have the ability to
eliminate the limitations of a hybrid on-prem tape model by using S3
Glacier Deep Archive to reduce access time and rapidly shift the
availability and workability of content sources exclusively on the
cloud,” said Andy Shenkler, Chief Product Officer, Deluxe. “AWS’s S3
Glacier Deep Archive addresses the challenges that have previously
existed around the economics and timelines associated with accessing and
utilizing large media assets throughout every step of the content
creation and distribution process.”

Vodacom is a leading communications company providing a wide range of
services, including mobile and fixed voice, messaging, data, financial,
Enterprise IT, and converged services to over 73 million customers
across the African continent. “We are a data driven organization and use
current and historical information to provide personalized customer
offers, improve user retention, and ensure a higher quality of network
service through analysis,” said Willie Stegmann, Group Chief Information
Officer, at Vodacom. “We identified archive and backup storage as key
candidates to migrate offsite in an attempt to reduce the time we spend
managing storage infrastructure. S3 Glacier Deep Archive provides us
with near limitless secure and durable capacity at a cost so low that we
no longer need to consider deleting critical data. The use of S3 Glacier
Deep Archive also means that we can easily meet recovery time objectives
of 12 to 48 hours for the identified backup and archive storage sets.”

The Academic Preservation Trust (APTrust) is a consortium of higher
education institutions committed to providing both a preservation
repository for digital content and collaboratively developed services
related to that content. APTrust helps address one of the great
challenges facing research libraries and their parent
institutions—preventing the permanent loss of scholarship and cultural
records. “We accept all types of digital content from member
institutions—print, audio, video, encrypted, and other types of files,”
said Chip German, Program Director, APTrust. “Our members deposit with
us all sorts of data they consider valuable, including data that’s
required by funders to be preserved and made accessible for a set
period. The copies we store are usually secondary ones in case a
disaster damages the primary copy, but that level of assurance comes at
a cost that researchers and their institutions often haven’t fully
anticipated. Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive gives APTrust members a much
more affordable option to preserve their data for as long as they
desire, and to do so confidently and conveniently.”

Commvault, an AWS Partner Network member, is a recognized global
enterprise software leader in the management of data for cloud and
on-premises environments. “Our customers need to be able to move,
manage, and use data in a way that promotes business agility and
contains costs,” said Karen Falcone, Vice President, Worldwide Cloud and
Service Providers, at Commvault. “With Commvault’s support for AWS,
customers get single, comprehensive data management platform with full
data protection, backup, recovery, management, and eDiscovery
capabilities—all tightly integrated with AWS services. And now, S3
Glacier Deep Archive will allow us to provide the lowest cost storage
available in the cloud and have it accessible, if necessary, in the
future. For our customers in regulated industries, that can mean
petabytes of data going back years. Customers can use S3 Glacier Deep
Archive today as an Early Release feature.”

Veritas is an AWS Partner Network Advanced Storage competency partner
and the proven industry leader in data protection and software defined
storage solutions for over two decades. “Our customers need to be able
to harness the power of their information with solutions designed to
serve the world’s most complex and largest heterogeneous environments
while accelerating digital transformation, reducing risk, and delivering
cost savings,” said Cameron Bahar, SVP & CTO, at Veritas. “With Veritas
solutions supporting AWS, we continue to extend our support for cloud
usage models and provide our customers simple and agile solutions to
solve complex data management issues for backup/recovery, archiving,
primary storage, and disaster recovery use cases. With Amazon S3 Glacier
Deep Archive, Veritas will be able to help customers increase their
savings even more significantly. Veritas customers can use S3 Glacier
Deep Archive Standard tier with the latest NetBackup version as of

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