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Aventri Introduces Uber Vouchers to Deliver New Transportation Options

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Event management software (EMS) leader Aventri
today announces a new partnership with Uber for Business. Aventri is the
first EMS provider to launch a partnership with Uber for Business to
offer customers the opportunity to utilize Uber Vouchers. Uber Vouchers’
web-based tool allows event organizers to provide VIP treatment to
attendees with stress-free, reliable transportation to and from events.

“We’re always looking for new partners to help our customers streamline
events and add value,” said Brad Langley, vice president of channel and
partner management for Aventri. “Uber for Business fits the bill. Using
Uber Vouchers, organizers spend less time arranging logistics for moving
groups, and their guests can come and go at a time that’s convenient for

Using Uber Vouchers, organizers can enhance the journey for themselves
and their guests. Some benefits include:

  • Customized Control: Organizers can easily create and manage
    campaigns online by setting parameters for pickup, drop-off, timeframe
    and ride costs.
  • Smarter Planning: Companies are better able to predict and
    control transportation costs. Organizers only pay for Vouchers their
    attendees redeem.
  • Personalized Experience: Attendees receive a more personalized
    and memorable travel experience with the ability to arrange the rides
    they want, when they want.

“We’re delighted to partner with Aventri,” said Neal Watterson, Head of
Guest Products and Services, Uber for Business. “Our collaboration
provides a new way to simplify events with reliable, well-priced
transportation. We are excited about how Uber Vouchers offers a simple
and easily scalable way for business to connect with and serve their

As part of this partnership, the first to take advantage of the new Uber
Voucher program were the Aventri global sales and marketing team at the
company’s annual revenue kickoff this past February. Parameters were set
by Aventri’s event marketing team, allowing attendee pickups and
drop-offs from nearby airports to the hotel during the three-day event.

“Everyone has an Uber app, so the vouchers were super-easy to use,” said
Roni Romo, event coordinator at Aventri. “I could stay focused on the
meeting without having to spend time arranging transportation logistics.”

Uber Vouchers are available today for Aventri customers by signing up
through their partner program. To learn more contact Aventri at

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