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Australian National University’s Critical Coronavirus Research Protected by KernelCare Enterprise Deployment

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The Research School of Biology (RSB) at the Australian National University is helping protect systems involved in COVID research and other next-generation genome work by deploying CloudLinux TuxCare security services.

The RSB runs bioinformatics servers that cannot be rebooted frequently due to the nature of the research work. COVID research and genome work can take weeks to months to complete, and breaks for maintenance tasks like patching and rebooting cannot be anticipated. A simple, professional, and affordable solution was needed to keep those systems running and protected, covering Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Debian and CentOS.

“TuxCare Live Patching services easily best met these needs, giving us the peace of mind knowing our kernels were patched and protected,” said Peter Minogue, from RSB’s IT infrastructure team. “It was so easy to install and apply, and is now all automatic from the initial setup, and has worked on all our flavors of Linux. We can now show this patching compliance to our University’s security team and keep the academics happy and productive at the same time, a win-win for us.”

“Research organizations, academic and others, are doing critical work that can’t be disrupted for maintenance operations without causing significant delays and setbacks, so security and maintenance teams are severely disadvantaged when it comes to protecting the systems where that research is being conducted,” said Jim Jackson, president and chief revenue officer, CloudLinux. “Given the importance of the work and the rising notoriety that these organizations have received during the pandemic, malicious actors could try to profit from the situation. TuxCare’s Live Patching offerings are the perfect solution for this problem, protecting Linux systems and letting researchers focus on the important tasks at hand rather than dealing with security problems.”

Academic and non-profit organizations can reach out to TuxCare for a personalized solution for Linux security needs.

TuxCare services are the umbrella offering of the CloudLinux family of enterprise support services, which include live patching for critical components in the Linux stack, from the kernel all the way to widely-used shared libraries. This eliminates the need for lengthy and costly service disruptions while servers or services are restarted to install the latest security patches, and no longer requires a disruptive maintenance window.

Also, with TuxCare Linux Support Services, regular patches and updates are delivered for all components of enterprise Linux systems, as well as 24/7 incident support — even when systems are past their End-of-Life (EOL).

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