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Atlanta-Based Uchimura Robotics LLC Selected as UVD Robots’ Distribution Partner for Fully Autonomous UVC Disinfecting Robots Effective Against COVID-19

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Uchimura Robotics today announced it has been selected as UVD Robots’ distribution partner for fully autonomous UVC disinfecting robots serving Georgia and the Carolinas. The partnership increases UVD Robots’ reach in the US market and augments Uchimura Robotics’ best-in-class automation component offering in the Southeastern US.

“We are very excited about this new partnership,” said Jeff Tatro, director of sales and marketing at Uchimura Robotics. “With the importance of disinfecting environments now and ongoing, we are eager to bring this advanced robotic technology to our customers.”

“We look forward to working with Uchimura Robots to bring these innovative and much-needed tools to an even wider customer base in the Southeastern US market,” says Brian Coffey, sales director for the Americas at UVD Robots.

The high-frequency UVC light delivered by a UVD Robot has long been put to effective use in hospital environments. Rooms are not occupied during operation, so the autonomous mobility of the UVD Robot allows the entire environment to be disinfected with minimal human oversight. Such methods provide advantages in a multitude of indoor environments such as medical facilities, gymnasiums, airports, and schools. UVD robots are currently being used in hospitals located in COVID-19 hotspots in China and Italy.

About Uchimura Robotics LLC:

Uchimura Robotics LLC is a technically savvy distributor of best-in-class collaborative, mobile, and industrial robotic components. With decades of robotic experience, Uchimura Robotics’ focus is on ensuring that customers achieve the best possible outcomes using robotic technology. Learn more at

About UVD Robots ApS:

UVD Robots ApS was founded in 2016 by Blue Ocean Robotics with the objective of global commercialization of robotic based UV Disinfection solutions for hospitals. The incorporation of the company followed a Private Public Innovation project starting in 2014, where Blue Ocean Robotics and Odense University Hospital in partnership with other hospitals in Denmark, developed the first prototype of the UV-Disinfection Robot. The objective of this prototype was to prevent Hospital Acquired Infections for the benefit of patients and hospital staff, leading to a decrease in associated healthcare costs. Learn more at