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Assurance Software Announces New Analytics Solution for Continuity Program Governance

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Software, Inc.
today announced the availability of Assurance
Insights, an analytics & dashboard solution which provides visibility
and actionable intelligence on the health and readiness of business
continuity programs. With Assurance Insights, executives, managers, and
practitioners can efficiently monitor the status of their continuity
risk posture and identify the processes, applications and data in need
of attention.

“For many continuity professionals, the information needed for
operational and strategic decision-making is not readily available,”
said Craig Potts, chief executive officer of Assurance Software. “With
Assurance Insights, our customers can address this information deficit
and achieve the confidence that comes with having full visibility into
the readiness of their business continuity programs.”

Assurance Insights provides answers to critical questions in three key

  • DATA HEALTH – Building a successful BC program requires high-quality
    underlying data. In support of rapid decision-making during a crisis,
    it is critical to ensure that the most up to date, complete and
    correct information is readily available.
  • SYSTEM HEALTH – As organizations strive to improve the effectiveness
    of their BC programs, they need to ensure that their business teams
    enter all critical information (and no more), that approval workflows
    are working as intended, and that no unnecessary complexity is
  • PROGRAM HEALTH – Ensuring alignment between operational program
    objectives and broader corporate objectives, specifically analyzing
    business risks and organizational preparedness, is foundational for a
    successful BC program.

“Our business continuity program is a cornerstone of our overall risk
management strategy and oversight of the program from executive and
operational viewpoints is critical to our success,” said Andy Wyley,
Director of Organizational Resilience, SmileDirectClub. “Assurance
Insights provides the visibility we need to monitor risks across our
program so that we can quickly identify potential weak-spots and
proactively make the necessary course corrections. This creates
significant efficiencies from an operational perspective and provides
enhanced confidence from our risk management and compliance

Assurance Insights will be demonstrated at the Assurance booth #529
during the Continuity Insights 2019 Management Conference, April 15-17,
2019 in New Orleans, LA.

About Assurance Software, Inc.
Assurance Software is the
leading global provider of comprehensive business continuity software
and services. With the addition of ClearView Continuity to the Assurance
Software Group, the company has more than 800 customers on six
continents. Assurance is known for its easily configured SaaS
applications that ensure a fit to the unique needs of each customer. The
company is also recognized for exemplary services provided from the
industry’s only HDI-certified customer support center, as well as the
industry’s only 100% up-time guarantee. With Assurance as their go-to
partner for continuity and resilience, businesses and government
organizations confidently mitigate risk, manage recovery, and safeguard
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