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Artificial Intelligence Software Company LittleBigBrain Announces Launch

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LittleBigBrain, LLC announced today the launch of their Artificial Intelligence (AI) software company. The founders, John Morad and Kevin Malone, have both built highly successful enterprise-level software organizations from the ground-up. They are excited about the endless range of what AI can accomplish.

“We see extraordinary opportunities in AI and feel we are uniquely positioned to capitalize on what we view as just the beginning of a rapid upward growth trajectory in the industry,” said Kevin Malone, CEO of LittleBigBrain. “The potential of what this technology can do is limitless, and we are currently just scratching the surface.”

LittleBigBrain strives to push the limits of AI but also understands that no company can be successful without passionately focusing on building a great culture for their team, customers and the community. They plan to partner with companies that either already have an AI strategy or are just beginning to explore how AI can help them by providing the following services:

  • Strategic AI Analysis
  • AI Discovery and Roadmap
  • Data Analysis and Modeling
  • Machine Learning Model Design
  • Build and Implementation of AI-driven Solutions

“Implementing an AI solution can solve current and potential problems for many businesses, however many find it hard to start or implement an AI strategy because of the initial technical barriers that make it difficult for the business to adopt AI projects across their divisions,” said John Morad, CTO of LittleBigBrain. “We started LittleBigBrain to fill this gap. We aim to help businesses, from startup to enterprise, remove these barriers with a proven AI technology architecture process that decreases the time for the business to adopt AI solutions and increase the outcome from every project.”

LittleBigBrain looks to help companies that face the everyday challenges from global economy changes to consumer generational change. The company offers tailored AI solutions to help companies increase sales, automate manual and time-consuming work processes, make informed decisions faster, lower expenses, detect fraud, generate leads, recruiting, real estate, finance and much more.

About LittleBigBrain

LittleBigBrain is an AI software consulting firm that focuses on helping your organization unleash the amazing power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning technologies.