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Artificial Intelligence in Pharmacovigilance: It Can Help Pharma Companies Enhance Drug Safety and Improve Outcomes, Says Quantzig

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Quantzig, a global data analytics and advisory firm, that delivers actionable analytics solutions to resolve complex business problems has announced the completion of its recent article that examines the role of artificial intelligence in pharmacovigilance.

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Role of AI in Pharmacovigilance (Graphic: Business Wire)

Role of AI in Pharmacovigilance (Graphic: Business Wire)

Every successful pharmacovigilance company is leveraging analytics to analyze large data sets collected from various verticals. Request a FREE proposal to gain comprehensive insights into the role of healthcare data analytics in pharmacovigilance.

The article also offers comprehensive insights on:

1. How AI is transforming pharmacovigilance

2. How pharmaceutical companies can enhance drug efficiency by leveraging artificial intelligence

The growing popularity of pharmacovigilance is driven by the pressing need to ensure drug safety by adhering to industry standards. Pharmacovigilance companies are focusing on improving the quality of drugs while maintaining safety standards. The lack of coordinated systems that can integrate various data into actionable insights is a major concern for pharmacovigilance companies. Another major challenge for pharma companies lies in the execution of digital vigilance on the generated data sets.

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According to Quantzig’s healthcare data analytics experts, “Greater emphasis on drug safety is one of the key drivers of the growing demand for pharmacovigilance solutions globally.”

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Role of Artificial Intelligence in Pharmacovigilance

1: Improve drug safety and reduce risks

2: Monitor drug manufacturing processes in real-time

3: Determine drug efficacy

Artificial intelligence can decipher human semantics. By straining the irrelevant information, artificial intelligence provides a focused analysis of drug use as per patient requirement. One of the main reasons for the growing popularity of artificial intelligence in pharmacovigilance is it helps protect patient privacy by sticking to a set of regulations set by the regulatory bodies. Quantzig’s healthcare analytics experts can help pharmacovigilance companies to produce safer drugs while adhering to region-specific regulations. Read the complete article to gain detailed insights into each of these factors:

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