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Arthur D. Little Report Explores Impact of “Ultra-targeted” Healthcare

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As pivotal changes in healthcare and drug development gain traction, new
analysis from Arthur D. Little (ADL) highlights that all sectors of the
industry must evolve their business and operating models in the coming

From genomic treatments to Artificial Intelligence in diagnostics to
leaps in curative medicine, the healthcare ecosystem is facing
unprecedented change. ADL’s forward-looking assessment is captured in a
new Report, “Future Health: How the industry will move from ‘one size
fits all’ to ultra-targeted care.”

Several critical shifts are pushing major players across the world to

  • Targeted treatments are changing the way drugs are brought to market,
    with greater emphasis on patients’ biological make-ups. Already, 22%
    of drugs currently in development specify a biomarker as criteria for
    inclusion, according to ADL research.
  • ADL projects the global consumer genetic testing market will reach
    $50B by 2026, leading to an abundance of genomic data that will be
    available to guide prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.
  • Certain chronic diseases will become more curable or treatable, and
    patients with access to more data will have greater opportunity to
    prevent or manage their conditions.
  • Long-term care will continue to shift away from hospitals, which will
    in turn move their model from surgeries and long-term chronic care to
    a physician-led approach to curative therapies, and may lead them to
    consider onsite device and drug manufacturing.

Craig Wylie, Managing Partner at ADL in the United States, notes:
“Incredible advances in genomics and diagnostics are leading to a future
that will impact the entire breadth of the healthcare industry.
Companies are in the early stages of evolving their approach to clinical
trials, commercial models, and care provision.”

“The pace of change and the associated costs will be staggering,”
continued Wylie. “The most successful organizations across all segments
of the healthcare ecosystem will be those that adapt their business
models, rethink their operations, and place an emphasis on collaboration
and partnerships.”

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