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Arrows Lands $2.75M To Transform The Way Businesses Onboard Customers

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Arrows, the high-touch customer onboarding tool, today announced that they have raised $2.75M in seed investment funding to give businesses a better way to onboard anyone fast. Gradient Ventures — Google’s AI-focused investment fund — led the round, with participation from a total of 47 angels including Jeff Lawson (CEO at Twilio), Justyn Howard and Ryan Barretto (CEO and President of Sprout Social), Jason Goldman (former Head of Product at Twitter and former White House Chief Digital Officer), Glenn Otis Brown (former Chief Digital Officer of Obama Foundation), Jeetu Patel (SVP & GM, Security and Collaboration Division at Cisco), Mike Park (VP of Product at Twitter), and Soleio Cuervo (led early design at Facebook, Messenger and Dropbox), with additional investments streamlined through the AngelList Roll Up Vehicle.

Arrows is a collaborative and customizable onboarding tool that allows companies to onboard high-touch, medium/hybrid-touch, and low-touch customers via their personalized onboarding plan, with automated email reminders, due dates, and assigned tasks, among other features. Using Arrows, businesses can get “mutual buy-in” from their customers to build trust throughout the onboarding process.

Arrows is a place for businesses to collaborate, strategize, and coordinate together. It was founded out of the need for better and more efficient internal processes within businesses. The biggest thing missing was the software — businesses needed something that reduced the reliance on hiring to solve operational problems for high-growth startups. They needed a software that would improve the lengthy, tedious, and complex integration cycle for customers, while still ensuring that they are properly onboarded.

“Previously, we did one call with a new customer and sent them on their way,” said Elliott Garms, CEO of “With Arrows, we rebuilt our customer onboarding processes and immediately reduced average onboarding time by more than half, while also increasing our annual retention by 23%.”

This latest round of funding will go towards the expansion and development of the Arrows team. Currently, Arrows works primarily with small customer success teams and businesses, and are beginning to expand and collaborate with larger businesses. This capital will be allocated towards scaling their product’s capabilities to better support larger customer success teams — for instance, enabling deeper Salesforce integration for larger enterprises.

“We firmly believe that successful onboarding is the key to a successful business,” says Daniel Zarick, Co-Founder of Arrows. “We also have a core belief that onboarding never ends. Onboarding is a wedge into the entire customer lifecycle, and we want to give businesses large and small the tools necessary for a seamless, effective, long-term onboarding. A tool that self-serves and has deep integrations, so our customers are able to expand how they use Arrows to guide their customers towards their goals over time, adapting to whatever changes and limitations they may encounter along the way.”

The funding will also contribute to the continued growth of Arrows’ product and services to better support a variety of customer onboarding styles and relationships. This includes a seamless Slack integration, onboarding plan automations, white-labeling, more email sending options, etc. These integrations will make Arrows’ service even more customizable and personal to the needs of each specific business and customer, setting them up for the most efficient and effective onboarding experience.

“We’re excited to partner with the team at Arrows,” said Darian Shirazi, General Partner at Gradient Ventures. “Arrows is tackling one of the most common, yet underdeveloped and unacknowledged aspects of working with new customers: onboarding. CRM only goes so far to track and ensure customer satisfaction and companies of all types are looking for ways to improve first impressions with new customers.”

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About Arrows

Arrows is a high-touch customer onboarding tool that believes onboarding never ends. It is a place for businesses to collaborate, strategize, and coordinate together via their personalized onboarding plan, with automated email reminders, due dates, and assigned tasks, among other features. Their goal is to transform the onboarding process into a seamless and effective one via the necessary tools and software that they are creating. Arrows was founded in July 2020 and is based in Los Angeles, California.

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