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Arrow Electronics and We Care Solar Win Edison Gold Award for Innovative Solar Suitcase Technology

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Arrow Electronics, Inc. (NYSE:ARW) and nonprofit We
Care Solar
won the 2019
Edison Award for Social Innovation
for its joint development of
Solar Suitcase 3.0, a portable and durable power system that provides
sustainable energy for around-the-clock, effective obstetric care in
remote and off-grid maternal health facilities around the world.

The Edison Awards, named after Thomas Alva Edison, recognizes and honors
the world’s best innovators and innovations. This year marks the 32nd
year the Edison Universe organization has recognized technology
innovation in categories ranging from medical advancements to building

The Solar
was selected over other finalists in the category of
Humanitarian Technology.

Worldwide, more than one billion people live without electricity – and
300,000 women die in childbirth, often turned away from health centers
that lack power.

We Care Solar is a nonprofit that has teamed with Arrow to ensure women
have access to safe childbirth in well-lit health facilities and equip
medical providers with the power to save lives.

Arrow offered to help improve the Solar Suitcase, a sun-powered,
waterproof, compact system that includes medical-quality lighting, a
fetal monitor, rechargeable headlamps, and cell phone charging for
remote health workers to make emergency referrals.

To optimize We Care Solar’s lifesaving technology solution, Arrow helped
create a dependable, lower cost design that is now easier to manufacture
at scale, install and operate. Each unit is expected to work for at
least five years before requiring a simple battery replacement.
Extensive field testing is continuing in Uganda, and expanded
manufacturing in the United States is planned for 2019.

“Having the light changed the lives of the health workers and the
patients. It changed everything,” said Maimuna Muye, a Nigerian midwife.

About Arrow Electronics

Arrow Electronics (NYSE:ARW) guides innovation forward for over 200,000
leading technology manufacturers and service providers. With 2018 sales
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About We Care Solar

We Care Solar is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization that promotes safe
motherhood and reduces maternal mortality in developing regions by
providing health workers with reliable lighting, mobile communication,
and medical devices using solar electricity. We Care Solar has equipped
3,500 health centers and emergency response teams in 27 countries with
Solar Suitcases, serving 1.8 million mothers and their infants. Learn
more at

About Edison Awards

Established in 1987, the Edison Awards is a program conducted by Edison
Universe, a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization dedicated to fostering
future innovators. For more information about the Edison Awards, please