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Arete Advisors Adds Elite Incident Response and Forensic Investigators to its Cyber Response Team

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today announced the addition of four of the world’s
foremost incident response and forensic investigators to its elite group
of cybersecurity experts: Michael Stewart, Rae Jewell, Peter Hubert, and
Matt Hanyok.

Together, the group brings decades of experience leading challenging,
cyber incident response and forensics investigations into some of the
most devastating cyberattacks and network breaches impacting the U.S.
Government and major commercial verticals.

“As the cybersecurity skills gap becomes more acute, organizations are
struggling to deal with the velocity and sophistication of ransomware,
advanced cyberattacks, and the fall out of data breaches. This is
driving tremendous demand for our elite incident response and forensics
teams,” said Joe Mann, CEO and founder, Arete Advisors. “This incredible
team could not have joined Arete at a more opportune time. Their unique
blend of talent and professionalism will augment the Arete leadership
structure and help us continue to grow the business by providing
excellent security services to our customers.”

The four cybersecurity experts will lead the Incident Response teams –
guiding customers through forensic investigations and remediating
on-going attacks.

Joining the Arete team are:

, Director, Incident Response and vCISO Remediation

Hubert brings decades of experience responding to and
defending against advanced cyberattacks. Previously, Hubert was
Director, Incident Response and principle engagement lead for Fidelis
Cybersecurity, where he managed and led some of the largest commercial
cyber breach engagements. Hubert brings extensive experience with the
USAF and General Dynamics leading critical cybersecurity programs with a
national impact.

, Director, Incident Response and Managed Detection and
Response (MDR)

Jewell brings 20 years of experience to the
Arete team, where he’ll lead the global 24/7 Managed Detection and
Response support teams during and immediately following cyberattacks
impacting clients. Previously, Jewell was a cybersecurity architect at
Fidelis Cybersecurity, where he helped organizations identify and manage
cybersecurity risk and built their commercial Security Operations
Centers (SOCs).

, Director of Operations – Incident Response
a professional career built on top of a successful USAF career working
in and around large classified data centers and communications
facilities, Stewart has led some of the largest commercial cyber breach
engagements – including global, multi-million dollar incidents involving
dozens of responders from multiple firms. Stewart will manage Arete’s
rapidly expanding fly away teams in the U.S., EMEA, and Asia.

, Senior Manager, Information Technology Systems and

Hanyok brings deep IT infrastructure experience to the
Arete team, having managed IT networks and forensic laboratory platforms
for the DoD Cyber Crime Center and Fidelis Cybersecurity. In his role at
Arete, Hanyok will work directly with Arete CTO Kurt Bertone to enhance
and manage the Arete infrastructure.

“I could not be more pleased to welcome this incredible team to Arete.
Individually, each of them will be an incredible asset to our global
operations and response teams,” said Mike Lotas, Incident Response
Practice Lead, Arete Advisors. “As a team that is used to working
together for two decades under time sensitive and stressful incident
response conditions, they are unbeatable.”

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