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ARBA Retail Systems’ COVID-19 Response Program

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ARBA Retail Systems’ COVID-19 Response Program addresses the current needs of our clients, allowing them to continue to serve their guests in a way they are comfortable with, ensuring continuous revenue generation. Due to the challenges that all businesses face with COVID-19, ARBA Retail Systems is making an investment to help our clients reconsider abrupt shutdowns that impact their business revenues.

The COVID-19 Response Program facilitates a more convenient Self-Service option to reduce the amount of person to person contact, ensuring social distancing guidelines are maintained. It is highly likely that such a program will continue long after social distancing restrictions are lifted by the end of 2020.

ARBA Retail Systems is as passionate about our customer’s business as our own. The Online Ordering, Self-Service Kiosk, and Physical Inventory solutions are designed to achieve one primary goal – continuous operations and revenue growth during times of crisis where safe physical distancing always needs to be maintained.

Connect your smartphone to make purchases through digital wallets such as Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal Mobile, and many more as a contactless solution. ARBA’s Online Ordering Solutions for Food Services allows your guests to place and pickup orders using Cashless Payments solutions, including Payroll Deductions and debit/credit cards.

Similarly, our Self-Service Kiosk solutions for foodservice and gift shops allow your guests to create orders, pay for orders, and pickup orders online without personal interaction.

In addition, ARBA’s Physical Inventory Tablet helps our customers complete physical inventory with more enhanced functionality than before. Front line workers can productively utilize slow periods by taking a full inventory to avoid after hours/weekend work.

ARBA Retail Systems is responding to an extremely high demand for the above Social Distancing Solutions because they are quick to deploy, quick to upgrade, and easy to support. Each solution is user friendly and proven cost effective for both retail services and food service organizations.

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