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Applied Information to Enable Deployment of C-V2X Traffic Infrastructure in U.S. Featuring Qualcomm 9150 C-V2X Platform

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Information, Inc.
, the leading provider of intelligent
transportation infrastructure technology, today announced plans to
deploy C-V2X traffic infrastructure products in the U.S. with its
Glance™ Smart Cities Internet of Things (IoT) roadside unit portfolio.
Featuring the Qualcomm® 9150 C-V2X Platform from Qualcomm
Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated, the products
are designed specifically to support traffic signals, school zone safety
beacons, and a variety of other roadside infrastructure deployments in
the U.S.

As a global solution for vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications,
C-V2X is designed to improve automotive safety, traffic efficiency, and
automated driving with its low latency communications, allowing vehicles
to communicate directly with other vehicles, pedestrians, and roadside
infrastructure without the involvement of a cellular network or network
subscription. The technology also enables emergency vehicles to get
green lights in the direction of travel while safely bringing all other
traffic to a halt, as well as alerting drivers to road conditions and
other hazards even when there is no visibility.

“The addition of C-V2X technology to our current product platform is
highly anticipated by the more than 10,000 cities, counties and states
across the U.S. that operate and maintain streets and highways. The U.S.
roadside infrastructure is estimated to include approximately one
million devices, of which 350,000 are traffic signals,” said Bryan
Mulligan, Applied Information President. “This product upgrade means
that the future of a connected infrastructure is happening now and no
longer just a future promise. Roadway users and transportation system
owners can benefit today from better connectivity and be fully prepared
for advances in communication and for new mobility applications to come.”

The 9150 C-V2X platform features direct communication range and
reliability and reduced latency in the face of congested roadways. With
a strong evolution path in 3GPP to 5G New Radio (5G NR), C-V2X will
offer the performance and support connected vehicles need to communicate
with transport infrastructure, leading to less congestion, reduced
emissions and a smoother driving experience.

The addition of the 9150 C-V2X chipsets as part of Applied Information’s
products gives Road Operators a single solution to support signal
preemption for first responders, signal priority to transit buses and
safety messages to drivers and autonomous vehicles. The technology also
provides Road Operators with a platform upon which to create additional
applications for alerts and warnings for school zone safety, work zone
safety, special event traffic management and public safety.

C-V2X connected infrastructure applications of the Applied Information
Glance™ Smart Cities Supervisory System include:

  • Traffic signals
  • Emergency vehicle traffic signal preemption
  • Transit bus traffic signal priority
  • School zone flashing beacons
  • Changeable message signs
  • Work zone safety

The connectivity provided by the Applied Information solution enables
the infrastructure to communicate with any cloud-connected or C-V2X
enabled vehicle or device. For example, the Applied Information
TravelSafely smartphone app connects drivers to the infrastructure,
providing the first application of connected vehicle technology using
data from multiple infrastructure sources for day-to-day use by the
general public. TravelSafely also connects drivers to other app users
such as pedestrians, cyclists and scooter riders to provide alerts and
warning of potential crashes. Transportation engineers are also
empowered to monitor and control their traffic management networks
anywhere and anytime with a smartphone or tablet with the technology.

About Applied Information

Applied Information is the industry-leading developer of Smart Cities,
connected, and intelligent transportation system (ITS) solutions
designed to save lives, improve traffic, drive commerce, and help the
environment. Applied Information’s Glance Smart City Supervisory
platform enables cities to manage all their traffic and ITS assets on
one web-based application. Key product areas are smart traffic signals,
school zone flashing beacons, emergency vehicle preemption, transit, and
freight priority and ITS systems. AI’s free TravelSafely
smartphone app connects drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians, and the
transportation infrastructure for a safer mobility experience. For more
information, visit

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