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Appfire Acquires Atlassian Cloud Apps and Trello Power-Ups from Lizard Brain

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Appfire, a leading provider of apps that help teams solve modern challenges with digital solutions, today announced the acquisition of a collection of 13 products from software development company Lizard Brain. The acquisition will further accelerate Appfire’s delivery of cloud-native solutions on the Atlassian Marketplace.

Lizard Brain’s founder, Vitalii Zurian, a self-taught developer who started building apps for the Atlassian Marketplace in 2014, is joining Appfire as an active advisor. Lizard Brain developed 11 Jira apps that are used by thousands of teams today. Some of their most popular apps include Planning Poker, Clockify Integration for Jira, and Toggl Integration. The acquisition also includes two popular power-ups for Trello, including one that introduces workflow capability.

“Atlassian makes it possible for developers to build a profitable and successful company by letting them focus on what they do best — coding — while the Atlassian Marketplace helps customers discover your apps. At a certain point, that success requires more investment on the business side,” Vitalii Zurian commented. “Randall and the Appfire team understand the value that our apps provide to Atlassian customers, and they have the go-to-market experience, resource capacity, and technical and operational infrastructure to support our growing customer base. I look forward to continuing to work with the developer community and with Appfire to drive further innovation.”

Appfire helps millions of users enhance their Atlassian tooling experience in workflow and automation, business intelligence (BI) and reporting, administrative tools, developer tools, and publishing. With the largest portfolio of products on the Atlassian Marketplace and the most installs of any other Marketplace vendor, Appfire is leading the shift toward cloud, with apps that include full coverage across all Atlassian deployment types (Server, Data Center, and Cloud).

“Within one of the world’s most vibrant marketplaces, the Atlassian developer community attracts passionate innovators and dreamers, allowing them to bring their ideas to life, and Vitalii is no exception,” said Randall Ward, co-founder and CEO, Appfire. “He’s made a name for himself in the community as a champion for platform standards and a strong developer advocate. We are grateful that Vitalii and his team decided to join Appfire, and we’re excited to work with them.”

Kirkland & Ellis LLP served as legal counsel to Appfire.

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