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AntWorks™ Unveils Industry’s First Fullstack Integrated Automation Platform

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AntWorks, the global provider of artificial intelligence and intelligent
automation solutions powered by fractal science, today unveiled ANTstein
SQUARE, a fullstack solution that enables non-technical business users
to automate end-to-end business processes quickly, easily and in a
scalable manner. The industry’s first integrated automation platform
(IAP) of its kind, ANTstein SQUARE is a multitenancy solution that
allows for maximum bot utilisation, understands all types of data, and
provides customers with a one-stop solution for data curation and
building, deploying and managing an AI-enabled smart digital workforce.

“ANTstein SQUARE automates the entire business process – not just
discrete tasks. The focus at AntWorks has always been to deliver
straight-through processing for clients, which then can deliver real and
accountable business cases. That’s unlike what Gen 1 RPA promised,” said
Asheesh Mehra, AntWorks Group CEO and co-founder.

“The AntWorks ANTstein SQUARE platform curates, transports and uses
machine learning simultaneously to give enterprises the seamless
automation journey they are looking for,” added Mehra. “The platform
addresses every data type, so businesses don’t miss out on the value of
various forms of unstructured data, which account for 80% of enterprise
data. The world has always measured human productivity and not measured
bot productivity. ANTstein SQUARE measures how productive the bot is,
and it brings in a unique cognitive responsiveness framework,
multitenancy for collaborative working, failover recovery, and many more
features, which will let organisations realise the true power of a
seamless automation journey.”

This AntWorks solution addresses a wide variety of business verticals
and horizontal applications. That includes banking, healthcare and life
sciences, insurance, media and entertainment, mortgage processing,
technology, telecommunications, and transportation and logistics
businesses. When combined with deep domain, the fullstack allows for
deep automation and process-focused industry solutions like tax
accounting, title search and trade finance.

Rick Koo, digital works leader at Mercer, said, “AntWorks’ fullstack
integrated automation platform is a compelling technology solution.
While evaluating vendors for our digital transformation project, we were
impressed with AntWorks’ capability and vision. They are great partners
and are willing to go beyond in terms of commitment and effort and
display total collaboration and transparency. We appreciate their
strength and focus in using a business-led approach, instead of a
technology-led approach, to problem solving.”

The process-focused background of AntWorks’ founders gives them a unique
vantage point on automation. That is reflected in the product strategy –
the product is not “a ready-made suit.”

“We understand the business process,” said Mehra. “We have created a
technology stack with a process journey in mind. We focus on ease of use
so our customers can consume complex technology without difficulty. And
we’ve tailored the AntWorks solution for their needs across industries
and processes.”

AntWorks’ early focus on data first as a strategy is playing out well in
a market pivoting away from RPA and taking a holistic view of
automation. “We have been focused on addressing the data challenge, as
that is the fountainhead for all downstream automation in an enterprise,
be it robotics or machine learning. Transforming your data into
information that processes can consume lies at the heart of automation
success. With ANTstein SQUARE, we have shifted the paradigm from
digitisation to automated data curation,” said AntWorks COO and
co-founder Govind Sandhu.

“Companies have seen the light of automation,” said Sarah Burnett,
executive vice president and distinguished analyst at Everest Group.
“They are automating more and more parts of their processes. These
require different kinds of technologies, and AntWorks’ ANTstein brings
key advanced and intelligent technologies together in one platform.”

Cognitive Machine Reading and fractal technology, a deterministic
science used by respected entities such as NASA and Rolls-Royce, are
central to AntWorks’ unique value proposition.

ANTstein SQUARE’s use of fractal technology allows it to rely on
relatively small data sets to train the engine. Businesses benefit
because smaller data sets mean higher accuracy, less infrastructure and
quicker training time. First-generation neural technology-based RPA
solutions require much bigger data sets. “Fractal just seems more fit
for what we are trying to do,” said Mehra.

Advanced technology helps power ANTstein SQUARE, but people don’t need
developer skillsets to use this solution. Anybody can create bots via a
drag-and-drop process using ANTstein SQUARE’s library of 106 key
pre-coded components and 257 subcomponents.

Once created, ANTstein SQUARE bots are extremely efficient. One bot can
serve multiple roles. AntWorks’ multitenancy feature allows multiple
bots to work simultaneously, and with humans, on a single desktop. That
reduces the hardware, power and real estate resources businesses need to
support their automation efforts. This model is much less
resource-intensive than the first-generation RPA approach, which
required one desktop for every bot.

AntWorks is pushing the industry to look beyond desktop bot-based task
automation. It is bringing operations management principles like
workforce management, bot productivity and business process continuity
into its platform. The company’s unique architecture employs a Queen bot
to analyse the bot colony. If a bot fails or is not keeping up, the
queen can see that and reallocate work in real time for optimal results.

About AntWorks

AntWorks is a global artificial intelligence and intelligent automation
company, creating new possibilities with data through digitisation,
automation and enterprise intelligence. As the world’s only platform
that understands every data type, ANTstein digitises every bit of
information for a diverse range of industries. By creating human-like
bots in a low-code/no-code environment, ANTstein innovates new ways to
automate complex processes. AntWorks’ solutions power up enterprises
with accurate insights through an integrated, intelligent, technology
stack that automates and learns independently. Put simply, it
accelerates the new, constantly. ANTstein is also the first and singular
enterprise intelligent automation platform powered by fractal science
principles and pattern recognition. For more information, visit