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AnthemGold Announces Minting of First 1000 AGLD Gold Stablecoins Fully Backed and Fully Insured Gold Bars in Highly Secure Class 3 Vault

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AnthemGold, Inc., a Texas-based blockchain company, is proud to announce
the minting of its first 1000 AGLD gold stablecoins on April 23rd, 2019.
After successfully launching mainnet live on April 10th, 2019, the
company now has 100% insured, fully gold-backed with all bars on video
asset tokens available for purchase.

Anthem Blanchard, CEO of AnthemGold, states, “Our team is very excited
to combine gold with a stablecoin, bringing the power of freedom of
wealth movement and store of value stability to people all over the

The AGLD gold token is the first gold stablecoin offered to U.S.
citizens as well as to residents of 174 total countries.

Cynthia Blanchard, President of AnthemGold, says, “We have been working
toward this goal for five years. This is a very proud moment for us.”

Grey Jabesi, AnthemGold’s Chief Visual Officer, adds, “AnthemGold is a
perfect hybrid for those who strongly believe in both physical assets
like gold as well as the revolutionary potential of cryptocurrencies.”

All AGLD tokens are fully backed by .9999 fine gold kilogram bars. Each
kilobar backs 1000 AGLD stablecoins. All kilobars are stored in a high
security, private Class 3 vaulting facility on video surveillance. All
kilobars are fully insured, making AnthemGold the first blockchain
stablecoin to have this highest level of security and insurance.

All bar inventory is photographed with an x-ray spectrometer, tracked
and stored by the Hercules protocol, an indisputable tracking system
launched October 29th, 2018. All bar inventory logs are viewable and all
kilogram bars are on video display live on the AnthemGold

About AnthemGold, Inc.

AnthemGold offers a new, cost-effective, convenient and secure way to
buy, own and utilize physical gold electronically as a peer-to-peer
store of value. Its blockchain-powered crypto token/digital asset AGLD
provides one of the lowest cost and most flexible forms of direct gold
ownership. Each AGLD is backed by one gram of gold, and each token
represents direct ownership of physical gold bullion held in the form of
fully allocated, segregated London Bullion Market Association (LBMA)
Good Delivery bars within the highly secure and insured Anthem Bunker
storage facility.