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Amplifon Hearing Health Care (AHHC) Receives Full URAC Health Utilization Management Accreditation

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Amplifon Hearing Health Care (AHHC) recently received full URAC Health Utilization Management (HUM) accreditation, becoming the first hearing health care organization in the country to achieve this recognition.

HUM accreditation demonstrates an organization’s commitment, and ability, to prevent unnecessary costs, ensure accessibility, quality and timeliness of care, and certify adherence to compliance regulations.

URAC’s accreditation is also recognized by nearly every state and federal government, as it evaluates organizations against a strict set of established and evidence-based measures.

“This gold-standard recognition means consumers, our partners and our nationwide network of hearing care providers can count on us like never before,” said Guillaume Bonniol, senior vice president of Amplifon Hearing Health Care. “We are incredibly excited to have achieved this accreditation and are proud of what it represents for our organization and our entire team.”

After more than a year of preparation, foundation building and assessment, AHHC’s full accreditation began July 1. Alongside the HUM accreditation, AHHC also received NCQA accreditation in 2020, a recognition of its achievements in the credentialing and network management space.

For more information on Amplifon Hearing Health Care, visit its website at For more information on URAC’s Health Utilization Management accreditation process and standards, visit its website at

About Amplifon Americas

Amplifon Americas, a division of Amplifon Group, is a leading provider of hearing health care solutions in the U.S. and Canada. Headquartered in downtown Minneapolis, Amplifon Americas is made up of nearly 900 employees dedicated to serving the diverse needs of its customers through four unique and independent brands: Miracle-Ear, Elite Hearing Network, Amplifon Hearing Health Care and Amplifon Canada. Together, its mission is to empower people with hearing loss to rediscover all the emotions of sound. Amplifon Americas strives to improve lives, relationships and communities through a powerful combination of leading-edge technology and high-quality care.

About Amplifon Hearing Health Care

Amplifon Hearing Health Care connects people and resources to improve the lives of people with hearing loss by partnering with health care organizations to administer hearing benefits. As an independently owned and operated organization, Amplifon’s products and services improve health, increase satisfaction and lower costs for health plan partners. Amplifon’s full-service model includes member advocacy, claims processing, eligibility management, and reporting. With a steadfast commitment to delivering an exceptional experience, Amplifon’s solutions make high-quality hearing health care affordable and accessible.