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AmboVent Shares Its Open-source, Build-it-yourself Breathing Machine to Help Win the Race Against the Global Ventilator Shortage

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AmboVent, an Israeli nonprofit that developed a resuscitator device powered by a robotic arm and sophisticated computer system, announced today a crowdfunding campaign to allow its invention to be built anytime, anywhere.

The device was developed in a matter of 10 days by a team of entrepreneurs and organizations led by Dr. David Alkahar and Dr. Eitan Eliram, as part of the global Coronavirus pandemic response. The project was shared via Github, an open-source platform, which allows the entire design to be accessible to developers and engineers around the globe. The AmboVent machine is expected to cost less than $1,000 when mass-produced – a fraction of the cost of a full-featured resuscitator device. The invention was made possible in part by support from tech companies such as Lemonade, the AI-powered insurance company, whose team members helped get the project off the ground.

“The shortage and expense of life-saving ventilators have been a major concern since the pandemic began, and is an especially acute worry as Covid-19 accelerates in the developing world,” said Daniel Schreiber, Lemonade CEO and cofounder. “As an open-source, technology-driven effort to save lives, AmboVent was one of the initiatives our team was keen to help out with.”

Currently, the project team is working in collaboration with over 100 development teams across 30 countries.

Dr. Eitan Eliram, AmboVent Director of Global Partnerships, added: “Our goal is to support the development and local mass production capabilities of ventilators in many countries. We are excited to offer our open-source design and technical support to all people, countries, and governments. This is a time for humanity to come together.”

AmboVent launched a joint crowdfunding campaign to raise funds, enabling the nonprofit the opportunity to directly give the hope of life to many Covid-19 patients in countries where other breathing support devices are not currently available.

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