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Amber Solutions Chosen to Present Its Breakthrough IoT Solutions for Builders at 2019 Innovation Summit

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Amber Solutions, Inc. (Amber)—a disruptive technology company with
technological breakthroughs that upgrades key aspects of today’s 1950’s
era electrical infrastructure with solid-state architecture and
integrated Internet of Things (IoT)—announced today that it was chosen
by the Housing Innovation Alliance to present Amber’s next generation
IoT solution to the nation’s top builders and industry thought leaders
at their 2019 Innovation Summit, from April 1 to April 3 in Scottsdale,
Arizona. Amber Solutions CEO, Thar Casey, will present the implications
of the company’s technological breakthroughs for builders. Specifically,
Mr. Casey will outline the advantages Amber’s solid-state breakthroughs
offers builders over a wide range of areas, including an upgrade to
today’s standard 1950’s era electrical infrastructure with enhanced
quality and integrated IoT with M2M learning by eliminating old-style
electro-mechanical functions.

“We are honored to be chosen by the Housing Innovation Alliance to
present how our technological breakthroughs enable builders to deliver a
much safer, more IoT-rich connected foundation—a new 5th
Utility™ of intelligence—integrated into the very walls of buildings,”
said Amber Solutions CEO, Thar Casey. “The Forum of the 2019 Alliance
Innovation Summit is an ideal platform to present to some of the world’s
most important builders, not just the disruption we offer them over the
old-style electrification infrastructure, but the chance to more fully
participate in the monetary opportunity of smart home and buildings on
the foundation of Ambers’ 5th Utility infrastructure.”

“At the Alliance, we’re focused on driving the industry toward the next
generation home delivery company and identifying the innovative business
and technology strategies that will help today’s production builders get
there,” said Betsy Scott, Executive Director – Program + Engagement for
the Housing Innovation Alliance. “We’re very excited about Amber’s
leading-edge technology and the opportunities it presents not only for
greater home performance, but also greater data leverage across the
housing value chain.”

Amber Solutions’ 5th Utility technology is a next generation
upgrade over 1950’s era electrical infrastructure. The breakthrough
eliminates the old-style electro-mechanical functions found in
AC/DC-powered products, providing safer, more reliable solid-state
architecture. This more modern structure enables 10x the IoT functions
in a range of products, but most strategically in smarter, connected
outlets, switches, and circuit breakers. Individually, each of these
products is disruptively competitive. Yet, taken as a whole, these Amber
powered products work in concert and represent a new, state of the art
IoT foundation for buildings—a 5th utility of pervasive
intelligence. Amber powered products virtually eliminate the single
function wall wart sensors and smart products spotting a house and
embeds these functions in every wall—every electrical end-point in a

This new 5th utility technology delivers enhanced safety and
reliability to building electrification, whole building energy awareness
and savings, plus an exponential breadth of sensors and IoT control
functions not found in today’s typical smart home or building. Amber’s
IoT ready infrasture can work standalone for builders or integrate as a
pervasive foundation for any popular smart security, automation,
lighting, access/fire control or HVAC system.

About Amber Solutions, Inc.

Dublin California based Amber Solutions, Inc. (Amber), is bringing next
generation upgrades to old electrification infrastructure and to legacy
smart products for residential and commercial buildings. This Silicon
Valley-based technology company sets the bar high with its breakthrough
technologies in solid-state implementations, enabling enhanced IoT
integration solutions. Amber smart products, like outlets, light
switches, circuit breakers, GFCIs and LED lights, deliver superior
safety, solid-state quality and a much more expansive smart feature
scope—all, uniquely, within a home or building’s standard existing
electrical footprints, like the single gang box. And, taken as a whole,
Amber’s portfolio represents a major upgrade to legacy 1950’s era
electrification to solid state architecture with integrated IoT and M2M.
Amber is building out a portfolio of product lines on top of its
breakthrough technologies.