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AM BestTV: AM Best Shows How Technology Is Speeding the Pace of Insurance Innovation

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Against the backdrop of how innovation is transforming the insurance
industry, this episode of AM BestTV takes a detailed look at
some emerging technology-enabled tools available to insurance companies.
Andrea Keenan, senior managing director—Industry Relations, travels to
burgeoning startups and established companies across the United States
and in Canada to learn more about their innovative efforts. Click on
to view the entire program.

In the episode, Keenan visits companies located in California, Illinois,
New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania, as well as in Ontario, to learn
about the motivation behind each company’s initiative, as well as the
executives’ views on technology, disruption and the future of the
insurance industry. “There have been cases where technologists have
entered the sector and the result was an exercise in using technology to
complicate and over-engineer the business of managing risk,” said
Keenan. “But it is easy to see that these are not rudderless
technologists trying to throw complexity toward uncertain goals.”

The participants in this episode were featured at AM Best’s recent
Review & Preview conference. The platforms described include a risk
management tool for building and property monitoring; more accurate
predictive wildfire models with machine learning; a detection system to
mitigate water-damage claims; a photo/video verification site that
allows carriers to speed up the virtual inspection process; and a host
of other new tools and initiatives employing emerging technologies.

Executives appearing in this episode are as follows:

  • Kevin G. May, chief executive officer, Amali Solutions Group;
  • David Lyman, chief executive officer, and David Tobias, chief
    operating officer, Betterview;
  • Blake Hill, vice president of insurance, dacadoo;
  • Kevin Stein, chief executive officer, and Shanna McIntyre, chief data
    officer, Delos;
  • Stephen Kane, chief executive officer, FairClaims;
  • Gabe Halimi, chief executive officer, Flō Technologies;
  • Jon Cooper, chief executive officer, and Jeffrey Wild, senior vice
  • Jim Schweitzer, chief operating officer, National Insurance Crime
  • Tim Attia, chief executive officer, Slice;
  • Dustin Yoder, chief executive officer, sureify;
  • Peter L. Miller, chief executive officer, The Institutes; and
  • Jeffrey McGregor, chief executive officer, Truepic.

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